Meet the Amp Squad

          The Army of Superhuman Individuals made up in accommodations for what they lacked in friendliness of non-superpowered staff. Immediately after the paper signing, Click was assigned a suite in the ASI HQ's Hero Suites. Click's own room #47 was fully equipped; sporting a massive 70" 3DTV, four of the latest game consoles each with over 50 games, a fridge, an exercise room, not to mention a gorgeous view of the city. "Wow," Click sarcastically exclaimed, "With all of this crap, who needs crime-fighting? I can just sit here and watch satellite TV all day."

          A minute later, the bellhop came up with Click's luggage. Everything from the vigilante's old apartment was now here in the Hero Suites. The best part? No rent. But before Click could even enjoy the majestic view of the Space Needle, NET appeared on the big screen. "Click, we need you in the Deployment Chamber", he commanded.

          The blond haired superhero's face was expressionless but had a strange hint of brutality. "Man, NET, you gotta knock," Click chuckled, "What if I was changing or something? But sure thing, I'll be down in five."

          NET made no reply and disconnected, turning off the television set. According to Click's pamphlet, "The Complete Guide to the ASI's Seattle HQ", the deployment room was where heroes were sent out on missions. "Great read for hero-hating terrorists", Click teased. 

          True enough, the deployment chamber was absolutely flooded with all sorts of superheroes, all ready to head out on various jobs. The underground chamber was circular, with docks around the outside for easy exit from the base. Each unique vehicle was revved up and loaded with heroes. In the centre of the circular room, a superhero stood waiting for Click. He was tall, tanned and muscular, the typical superhuman build. "Click!" he greeted in a low voice, "The superiors have formed your team for you. The Amp Squad is at your disposal."

         "Amp Squad, huh?" Click pondered, "Sounds pretty sweet. I have full control of them?"

          "That's right. As the most capable member of the team, you're the default leader. Go ahead and meet them, they're right over there."

          The tanned hero pointed over to a small band of amputees standing by an unused dock #6. "Of course," Click muttered, "Give me the ASI's amputees. It's not like that's completely bigoted or anything."

          Click made his way through the busy crowd until he reached dock 6 and the "Amp Squad". He examined each of the three heroes carefully. The first one was a tall, heavily-built boy whose right arm had been replaced with a powerful cybernetic cannon. Out of the three, he seemed to be the most promising. The second one was a young, red-headed girl. She was slender and meek, overall not as promising. But she did have one redeeming quality: her eyes were bionic... whatever that did. Finally, the third member of the poorly named Amp Squad was a young man around Click's age, also missing both legs. This man however, had decided to replace them with much less subtle rocket boots. "So, you're the Amp Squad. Awesome. I'm Click... apparently I'm the leader."

          He shook hands with each of them warmly, but secretly hated it. This was like babysitting; not to mention that having four amputees fighting crime through the streets of Seattle would draw a huge crowd. "So, can I please have your names?"

          "Elyssa", the red-headed girl replied.

         "Andrew", the cannon-armed fellow answered.

         "Richard", the final member said.

         "I meant your hero names," Click specified. 

         "We don't have any yet", the girl explained.

         "What, do they just pick members off the street now?" Click sighed, pacing around dock 6. 

         "You guys need names."

        Within the hour, Click had created unique, awesome names for each of the three amputees. The heavily-built man was dubbed The Human Artillery, or THA for short. The girl was named Retina and the one with a resemblance to Click himself was given the name Heelix, the only name that sounded like a part of the foot without being ridiculous. Everyone satisfied with their new names, Click began asking about each of their stories and mechanical body parts. That night, they sat in one of the HQ's empty rooms and chatted for hours. Click... actually began to like the Amp Squad. 

The End

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