Army of Superhuman Individuals Databank: NET (Origins IV)

NET (Nuclear Extra-Terrestrial)


At the age of 13, NET realized that he was an alien when his superhuman powers grew in and left home to pursue his dream of becoming a superhero. Although his powers came in handy, NET was often defeated by powerful supervillains due to his lack of skill in combat.

At the age of 17, NET was exposed to lethal amounts of radiation when an x-ray machine malfunctioned. This incident would've killed any human, but NET's alien organs kept him alive. Even stranger, he absorbed the radiation and become more powerful from it. This is what caused him to become the NET we know today: an irradiated alien superhero. 

Currently, NET is one of the leading members of the ASI. Oddly, he prefers to work alone and sees the organization as more of a status than a team. It is unknown which planet NET hails from or how he arrived on Earth.


  • Super strength
  • Flying
  • Radiation blasts
  • Superhuman healing
  • Limb regeneration
  • Limb growth at will
  • Manipulation of own perception of time 
The End

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