Weekly Atom Featured Article: Click's Costume (Origins II)

Earlier this week, Seattle's best Click had his identity revealed to the world. To celebrate this intriguing reveal, we're doing a special article today: all about Click's suit. 

Let's start with the basics. Click's superhero attire isn't all that superhero-esque, as odd as it may seem. With a torn pair of denim jeans, a red t-shirt and a brown leather trench coat, it'd be extremely easy to mistake Click for any other character on the street... you know, if he wasn't famous and all that. 

Click said himself that he chose this design because he didn't want to set himself apart from every other civilian in the city. Click was quoted during an interview with Weekly Atom as saying, "You see those superheroes in the sky all the time, flying around, fighting crime; they all wear these bright, colourful tights, creating a social barrier between themselves and the general population. As if having superpowers wasn't enough, they decide that they have to feel extra special and become idolized for helping people. I don't need to be idolized, I never asked to be and this interview is actually kinda ticking me off. That's why I just wear this casual outfit, to remind myself that I'm no different than anyone else in this city. I live, I struggle, I die."

Now, let's go into a little bit more depth, shall we? Starting with the t-shirt. Click's red t-shirt doesn't symbolize anything in itself, but the insignia on it sure does. You may recognize the insignia as the power icon, commonly found on video game consoles. A circle with a short line intersecting the top end. Click wanted this to be his symbol because it represents the fragility of human life. "All it takes is one second... click; the life is gone. We can be shut off pretty damn easily and I want everyone to realize that. The power icon is to emphasize the importance of a human life."

Of course, Click's own name is also an extension of that meaning. 

The trench coat is Click's other unique piece of clothing. According to Click, he inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his father. It's a reminder of the man he once was before he became a vigilante. Click says that memories of his life before crime-fighting are vitally important because they remind him that he's "still human". 

Click's mechanical legs are also a huge factor of his costume, but we don't have enough information on them to do an in-depth section on. Perhaps next time?

Next week in Weekly Atom: Five ways to gut a mutated fish.


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