Click's Secret Identity Revealed? (Origins I)

By Andrew Frontman
Breaking Heroics Staff Writer

SEATTLE - By now, we're all familiar with Click. Seattle's most famous superhero isn't part of a league or a team, but is cleaning up the city just fine. However, the hero's identity is still a mystery, despite the lack of a mask on Click's costume and the countless photos taken of this marvellous man. 

However, research is being done. Using advanced facial analysis technology, the FBI has been able to link Click to at least 449 US citizens, 17 of them in the Seattle area. Perhaps the most intriguing suspect is a certain Gavin McTrevor.

Although there are no photos of this individual, an old newspaper article reveals that Gavin's legs were crushed when a building he was in collapsed. Comparing this vital fact to Click's two metal legs, the possibility of a connection is almost certain. 

Unfortunately, we have yet to get in contact with McTrevor or Click regarding this intriguing mystery.

The End

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