Mad Scientist

"They said it wasn't possible, they said I was crazy, they said... they said... Igor!" Igor materialised next to his master.

"What ith it?" He asked, with his usual lisp.

"I need a third 'they said'."

"Have you done 'couldn't be done' and 'crazy'?"

"Yes! Didn't you hear me?"

"Sorry, marthter." Igor said sheepishly, while pulling a switch. A scream was heard in the background.

"Ah, I see you installed the Sound Effect Generator! Very good!"

"Yes, marthter." A flash of lightning flew down onto a pole, and charged up a corpse lying on the table.

"I feel like I should say 'It lives!' to that, but it's been done so many times before, I almost feel like it's a waste of time."

"It'th not marthter! Think of what the village would feel if you didn't keep making reanimated corptheth! They might get thcared!"

"Good point, Igor. You're a very good assistant." The mad scientist leaned down towards the lab equipment that lay on the desk. One flask bubbled, while the other had a rat with an ear growing out of its back. It also had a tail growing out of its head, and a head growing of its front right leg. "This rat has been tortured enough. Put it back in with the other rats."

"Yes, marthter." Igor agreed. Igor agreed to just about anything. Anything but 'You know what I feel? People need more death rays to rain terror on humankind, that's what I think.' The last time that happened... Igor shuddered to think.

He put the rat back into its cage with the other rats. One wasn't a rat at all, but actually a mouse, on a mission to save these rats from the tyranny of the mad scientist and his evil assistant. But that's a different story...

The End

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