Cliché Game!

You've seen the Sentence Game, now it's time for a new one! Cliché game is the same, but less confusing, and more groan-inducing. Spot the clichés!

Here's the first chapter to explain the rules. If you just want to read stories, feel free to skip to the next chapter (Mad Scientist).

If you are planning on posting a story, read this first.

To make a 'é' on a PC, simply press the 'Alt Gr' button and hold that while you press 'e'.

I don't know how to do this on a Mac, sorry.

Basically, this game is all about clichés. Think of a scenario, then add as many clichés as possible. Don't feel embarrassed, if there's a cliché, feel free to use it!

The only thing is, the clichés need to apply to the subject. If you follow this rule, no one reading this will have to trawl through a million 'small world' quotes and things like that.

Obviously you can use the same scenarios over again, but try to keep it as original as possible.

I'm sorry if this seems stupid to make this the first chapter, but you'd be surprised at people who don't read the Author Guidance, and if I put it all in there, no one would pay attention.

My example story (Mad Scientist) ends like it is joining on to anther story. This doesn't have to be the next one, but I would like it if someone did it.

The End

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