Chapter Two, Part One

With a burning curiosity, Jonavon jogged towards the edge of the forest where he had spotted a sudden flash of white that could have only been a woman’s dress.  He recalled his father saying that there had once been an old dirt road that lay hidden among the brambles; but that no one had used it in years.  Could someone have gotten lost in the forest, found the trail, and expected it to lead them to civilization?  What would one do to end up lost in the woods?

            “Hello?” Jonavon’s voice carried through the trees.  He hesitated from entering and so he stood on the threshold between the estate and woods.  “Hello?” he called again.

            The only response was the call of birds.

            With a glance back at his home, Jonavon trudged into the woods.  The sun was shining down through the leafy canopy, casting a golden green glow on this second world.  At least, that it what it was for Jonavon.  How could he have lived here all his life and not have noticed the beauty and otherworldly feel that lay just at his fingertips.  Here, wildflowers grew in wild abundance, catching his eyes with their vibrant colors.  Above, birds could be heard singing their songs in a perfect melody.  The flutter of their wings mixed with the babble of a small brook, and the rustling of tall grasses to create nature’s harmony. 

            Jonavon lost his breath as he took in the intoxicating beauty that suddenly surrounded him.  He nearly forgot why he had ventured into this wonderland. Then, a voice reminded him.

            “Excuse me?”

            Jonavon blinked rapidly; a young woman had appeared suddenly. She’s beautiful, Jonavon thought.  Her golden brown hair had begun to escape from under her hat and blew slightly in the breeze.  Her eyes were the same green gold that was being filtered down from the heavens.  She stood there, in her white dress, looking like a wood nymph from another world. 

The End

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