Chapter 3: The Training CenterMature

I wake up to the sunlight peeking through the crack of the door. I notice Clove's still asleep so I brush all of her hair out of her face and silently get up. I stretch and open the door, slipping down the hall to the dining room. I yawn and sit down next to Enobaria and Accalia. "Good morning, Cato. Have a good sleep?" Enobaria purrs and winks at me. I smirk and nod, picking up a slice of fruit and a croissant. "Morning, Enobaria. Morning, Accalia." I smile as Clove comes down the hallway. "Hello, Clove. Had a good sleep, I trust?" Enobaria sinks her shark-like teeth into a bread roll. "I think I'm pregnant." she says aloud. The whole room gasps and I cough and choke on my croissant as I run over to her, kneeling down in front on her. "Are you serious?" I answer so low only Clove can hear. She nods, her eyes tearing up as she puts a hand to my shoulder. Her other one cups her mouth. I can't believe this!, I think and stand up. "Cato, I . ." Clove sobs. I don't want this, I run into my room and lock the door behind me. I throw myself onto the bed and stuff my face into a pillow. I don't need this right now! I'm fighting for my life in two days, and the girl I love is pregnant?!, I scream inside my head. I wasn't awake when she had sex with me . . . she must've done it when I was asleep!, I realize, sitting up. I see Enobaria, my prep team, and Accalia standing in my open doorway. "How'd you get in here?" I snap, standing up angrily. Enobaria holds up a ring of keys, twirling them around her finger. "Cato, you need to go to the Training Center or we'll be forced to get the peacekeepers." Accalia threatens as Enobaria's teeth glint intimidatingly. "Fine." I hiss as Accalia hands me the training clothes. I run into the restroom and change into the clothes and join them in the hallway. I walk silently down the hallway with Clove and the others, facing forward. "Cato, please. I didn't mean to do this . . . I'm so sorry . . please, just let me explain!" Clove wails. I stop and glare at her. Everyone else stop too. I wave them on and turn to her. "Why would you to yourself?! To us!?" I ask, my hands on her shoulders. She's crying now, her delicate frame shaking with every sob. "I . . I love you and I . . . I wanted to prove it." Clove blubbers. "But why when I was asleep?" my voice is softer now. "Because I knew you'd refuse. And now I have an excuse for you to keep me alive." she answers, hugging me tightly. I don't object. I hug her back, kissing her on the cheek. "We better get down to the Training Center before they get the peacekeepers." I laugh. Clove laughs along and we run down to the Training Center.


When we enter the Training Center, all of the other tributes are scattered around in some kind of broken circle around Atala, the trainer. "No fighting with the other tributes," she says. "There will be plenty of time for that in the arena." Atala starts pointing out the various training stations to all of us. "My advice is don't ignore the survival skills. 23 of you will die. 1 will not. Who that is depends on your ability to anticipate. 10% from starvation, 20% from infection. Exposure can kill as easily as a knife." I glare at Peeta as he nervously listens to Atala's ranting. I look over and notice Clove smirk at him too. Once Atala finishes her speech, we all get into a line for the training dummies. 

I lost all of the training center and before the Games parts of this fanfic :'( sorry!! So until I find them, I will write in the parts about when they're in the Games. :) ~Britt

The End

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