This is a fanfiction of the Hunger Games 'couple', Cato and Clove.

"CATO!" I know that voice anywhere. 


"CLOVE!! I'M COMING!!" I scream at the top of my lungs, darting deep into the forest. "CATO!" she screams again, her desperate, sad voice triggering tears in my eyes. My throat begins to close up around the screams I have built up and my heart grows heavy. I run as fast as I can to save her. "CLOVE! WHERE ARE YOU?!" I shout, desperately slashing the tall grass looking for her precious face. I look up at a tree branch and see a little dark bird covered in ashen grey feathers. The woeful screams are being emitted through its beak.

It's a Jabberjay. 

Clove's scared scream is cut short just as an arrow pierces the bird's heart. 

The End

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