The European EmpireMature

Ethan heard the door slam from downstairs as his father blew out the house like an almighty gale from a hurricane as he rushed to get to his office job and avoid another stressful telling off from "his boss" however this was no different to any other working father, in the endless fields of suburbia. 

He passed his room, his collection of hard earned electric guitars gleamed back at him from where they were stacked on the wall. Ethan's passion was rock n' roll even if his type of music wasn't approved of, here in the European Empire.

In the Year 1945, at the end of the Second World War, several atomic bombs were dropped upon Germany (and some on the UK) before UK won the war and Hitler was found dead with a bullet in his mouth. However to vow that such destruction would never happen again the "European Empire" was established, where the ten plus countries (which had been steadily increasing over the years) were united under a single unified, peaceful democracy.

Each country was now an official "zone" of the Empire, but many still retained there names and scarps of culture. However to ensure no more wars would reign most countries in Europe were very similar.

Some people however weren't happy, they wanted revenge. The destruction in both countries was too great, but since the Germans lost they had to suffer "Solider Slaughter" where a group of German soldiers were stranded on an island and left to fight to the death. The lone "Victor" would be the only survivor.

Since "Solider Slaughter" became so popular, it was soon televised and made annual every year. Other Reality TV shows followed this trend, "Mother Massacre, Whose the Baddest Criminal of them all?, Class Killers and Minefield were all "spin off's" of Soldier Slaughter. All of them however were televised death-matches which were engrained into European culture for over 50 years.

Ethan thoughts weren't these death-match shows at all as he stepped into a steaming shower, rubbing himself down he thought about nothing more than if his girlfriend Ursula and the plans with her he had on Friday and how him dropping Rena off at home was going to affect those times. Such TV shows were the last things on his mind.

He was indifferent to them.

Wiping himself down, he stepped out of the shower, and sloppily slapped on his white shirt, black and blue striped tie and coal black blazer and dull metal grey trousers, inspecting his scruffy uniform in the bathroom mirror he concluded he was good to go.

"Bye Ethan! Be careful crossing the road!" His mother yelled her morning line out after him as he closed the door behind him, he inhaled before taking off for the bus stop.

Off to another school day.  

The End

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