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The Gamboge flaming ball that was the sun rose steadily into the clear skies over the town of Hookshire it's rays of prism lights barely warming the slumbering, moderate sized, metropolis.

The sun could be seen, but not felt on that chilly October morning however it's faint rays of Apricot light rays, did help clear the last verges of mist that had built up over the night, sharpening the features of the buildings and roads.

And removing the town's Obscurity. 

All around town, people were rubbing their eyes and rising slowly with groans, all prepared to face another dull day that was a clone of their previous twenty four hours.

Ethan White was one of many.

He awoke in his two floored suburban house, albeit sweating, with his heart racing slightly and his gasps loud in his ears. He had awoken from a nightmare that haunted him from time to time. Wiping his brow with the back of his hand, he wiped away his innermost fears and they fell faster from his mind than the sweat beads on his forehead fell to the floor.  

"Stupid ass dream" he mumbled, his first words of the day.

Rising in bed, he faced his calendar, his green orbs were drawn too the image of the skimpy blonde model, posing seductively in her underwear, staring at Ethan with half lidded turquoise emeralds, remembering he already had a girlfriend and that he needed to be off to school, he tore his eyes away from the alluring still image of the model.

His eyes rested on the dull black 16 on the calendar, the most boring day you could hand-pick from a list of days within in the year. October 16th 2020 would be another day Ethan would grunt and moan his way through as (with a burst of willpower) he leapt from his bed, and proceeded downstairs with heavy feet.

"Morning dear!" His mother called merrily to him, she being the epitome of the stay at home blonde housewife, who was currently helping his dark haired father into his suit and tie, his little sister Rena was clanking her dolls in her doll house a little too loudly for Ethan's liking.

"Sis quieten down" he snapped as a way of morning greeting, his six year old pigtailed sister ignored him completely as Ethan grunted and started pouring himself some cornflakes from the table, still rubbing his silted eyes.

His mother meanwhile was gossiping away to his father about a friend of her's who had gotten in trouble with the police.

"... Danielle's lovely and all, but I always knew she'd do something like this" His mother said in a perfected tone of sympathy.

"Something like what?" Rena asked, her Sapphire eyes wide in confusion.

"Nothing Rena darling" His mother replied in a honeyed patronized tone.

Ethan remained expressionless as his family buzzed around him like bees getting ready for the working day finishing his bowl of soggy cardboard chips that were meant to be cornflakes, he rose and proceeded upstairs to get himself ready.

"Oh Ethan!" His mother called as he turned back to face her "I need you to pick up Rena on Friday! I've got to go round to Tara's!" He nodded to showed he understood, frustrated as that would interfere with existing plans he had.

Another dull day was dawning. 

The End

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