We are introduced to fifty students, each of which is unknowingly going to be selected for the national programme "Class Killers" (CK) for short. Where they must kill each other on a tropical Island until only one remains. (A Battle Royale ripoff in a nutshell)

Okay so this is my Battle Royale rip off story, Class Killers, I don't think it's that good and I know I've gone way overboard in the amount of characters I have. However despite this It was the first story I ever wrote and completed (until it got deleted from Word) so here I am trying to revive it in all it's glory.

This is merely a prequel story to develop the mass amount of characters I have. So rather than cram massive pages of introductions in with the death-match itself. I separated them and made this as a way to build up the hype and avoid long pages.

The List of students in the death-match 

Boy 1- Alex Delross
Boy 2- Ahmad Hijhid
Boy 3- Mohammed Sinji
Boy 4- Bowys Mcgregor
Boy 5- Ethan White
Boy 6- George Xi
Boy 7- Damien Clarke
Boy 8- Dean Georgiou 
Boy 9- Ian Wood
Boy 10- Juan Banes
Boy 11- Wilbert Enfield
Boy 12- Ryan Kelly
Boy 13- Sturan Jenking
Boy 14- Yuki Odawa
Boy 15- Chuck Hoshli 
Boy 16- Roderick Reid
Boy 17- Timmy Bradshaw
Boy 18- Randy Noel
Boy 19- Eric Monlio
Boy 20- Frank Williamson  
Boy 21- Brad Pickett
Boy 22- Daniel Kinks
Boy 23- Mike Young
Boy 24- Shaun O' Stansberry
Boy 25- Sebastian Weiss  
Girl 1- Amelia Rose
Girl 2- Chanda Hickman  
Girl 3- Ellie Simms
Girl 4- Aafreen Bunjabi
Girl 5- Isabelle Thomas
Girl 6- Lola Davis
Girl 7- Jasmine Bui
Girl 8- Veronica Stevenson
Girl 9- Ursula Blake
Girl 10- Shannon O' Brien
Girl 11- Latasha Rambin
Girl 12- Angelia Reeves
Girl 13- Naif Sanjay
Girl 14- Yuko Odawa
Girl 15- Lucy Curlet
Girl 16- Claire Emmerson
Girl 17- Deana Chomouroi
Girl 18- Roxie Smith
Girl 19- Sasha Grey
Girl 20- Florence Vilar
Girl 21- Rose Fawcett
Girl 22- Sopho Nifansadze
Girl 23- Zoey Williams 
Girl 24- Samantha Sorin
Girl 25- Joesphine Moore

The End

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