Chapter 1 - DemiseMature

Chapter 1 - Demise

A lot has happened. I’m trying to wrap my head around what just happened. I can’t tell if I’m dead or this is a dream or hallucination. If I don’t record everything I might go insane. I’ll recap from the beginning. Maybe I can understand what’s happening. At the least it’ll be therapeutic.

Under half a year ago I’m at school. It must have been around four in the afternoon.The gallery sale was being set up in the library. Several of my pieces got to be featured and hopefully sold. We’d been promoting the event everyday in the announcements for three weeks prior.

My phone buzzed, and I reached into my bag to see I had a text. Monroe messaged me, notifying me she can’t make it this time. She never makes it, but I always let it slide. She’s a police officer, it’s hard for her. My parents are still going to come.

I glanced outside. Coming down in sheets, the snow continued to fall. It amazed me how alluring the scene was. Snow falling hard, and the setting sun set fire to the clouds and hills. All seen from the huge library windows. I captured the scene in my head. I’ll recreated it later on paper.

At four thirty the guests were pouring in. I was content with the number of people who showed up. I may have been doubtful, but both students, adults, and even school staff decided to attend. I welcomed everyone warmly, handing each a pamphlet that explained the gallery and the sale.

After less people showed up, I made my way back to my art station. People were crowding around my art. I created many things, none that looked similar or have a same style. These were my best of my entire highschool career, from year one to now, junior year.

After thirty minutes, all of my art got sold. In an hour, everything sold. Disappointment spiraled through me as my family was still absent. I tried my best to keep upbeat, but they hadn’t seen me in my proudest moment I’ve experienced so far. I sent a quick text to my mom. “Hey, where are you?”

The night continued for another twenty minutes. People began leaving with their new art pieces. I said a warm goodbye to everybody who exited, thanking them for coming and to drive safely.

At five thirty the whole thing got packed up and I’m still alone. Slightly depressed about the entire thing with my mom and dad, the night had gone so well and my art was loved. I left to outside. The sun had sunk completely, the sky became purple with shedding clouds.

I searched from my parent’s car. They might be here and don’t know where to go. I walked around the parking lot, pulling my jacket tighter around me. When I didn’t see them,raising my phone to my ear to call. It rang a couple times, but went to voicemail. I left a message explaining that the event ended, slightly passive aggressively, and I need a ride. It’s times like these when I wish I had a car. I rang up my sister, who didn’t answer either. I left her a voicemail, too.

I walked back inside the warm building and called up my close friend, Juni. She picked up almost at once. “Harlow, hey sorry I didn’t make it.”

“No, it’s all right. Mind picking me up?”

“Uh, it’s really coming down, huh?” I hear the hesitation in her voice.

“Yeah. If you can’t I don’t mind either,” I said buoyantly.

“Nah, I’ll come to get you. But if we crash it’s your fault,” she said. I can tell she’s walking out of the front door. “Holy crap. The snow!”

“Yeah, I’m sorry,” I’m looking outside and there’s a good inch, and no sign of parents or sister. I went deeper into the building for warmth. “See you soon.” I closed the call. The minute I did my phone rang again. From Monroe. I accepted the call and put it to my ear.


“Harlow, where are you?” Her voice wasn’t as lively as usual. “I’m here to pick you up.”

“Didn’t you say you had work?” I wanted to ask about mom and dad, but she seemed irritated, not in the mood. I made my way to the exit to find my sister.

“Come outside.” Then she hung up. I, confused, am now curious. I put my phone in my pocket and found Monroe sitting in the driver’s seat of her squad car. I pulled the handle and got in the passenger seat. I’d rarely ever sat in the car, so I was easily astonished by the computer, cage, controls, and the like.

“Hey, what’s up,” I swung off my purse and sat it in my lap. I pulled my seat belt across my lap and chest and clicked it secure. I pulled out my phone and sent a quick text to Juni, explaining that I no longer need a ride.

Monroe was silent for a couple moments. By that alone I sensed that something has happened. She held her tears, when she spoke she sounded like she was crying. “Mom and dad got in a wreck. And they... They died.”

I was silent for a couple moments. It must be a joke or something. Impossible, I’m still so young, I can’t have my parents leave my life so suddenly. It must be a joke. “No they didn’t,” I said, entirely doubtful in my statement. The tears were already forming and flowing out.

“Yeah,” she nodded, still not looking at me, “they did.”

 Chapter 1 end.

The End

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