After the brutal death of her parents, Harlow Chambers moves in with her sister, a deputy. Shortly after, she changes from an honor roll student to a shoplifting underachiever. Just when she thinks her life couldn't flip anymore, it does just that -- ten fold. She's introduced to the insane worlds of the afterlife... and she's to join their military! Little does she know there's trouble lurking in both worlds that will drag her deeper in.


I don’t remember who I was before my death. Everyone else remembers. I may not remember because it was uneventful... And so long ago. Give or take a century. I know that my existence didn’t begin until I died entered Class Three. My biography could be perceived as fiction by those living in Class Two. On the cover would be my name -- Apollo Kaur, the Man Who Became Sane Again. I liked the title. I wonder how someone who has such a legend behind their name got tasked with babysitting.

Yeah, babysitting. I’ve been doing it for the last ten years. A First Born by the name of Monroe Chambers. I’ve been there since her birth and now she’s ten, going on eleven. I’ve been there her entire life. As far as I can tell, besides the part she can see eidolon and Aeonian, this kid is normal. Making mud pies, eating cupcake paper, wearing her mother’s high heels. Nothing else made this kid strange.

In the past I’ve attempted to leave. To do something else. Each time something tragic happens and Monroe cries that the monster she saw tried to eat her. This kid goes to therapy. But that’s not strange. I leave little anymore.

One day was different from an ordinary day. This day is important, but somehow it always stuck to my thoughts. Monroe and her father, Collin, went to meet their mother at the hospital. Concerned she’d caught an ailment, the excitement of the two made my stress subside.

I followed them to the hospital, waited for what felt like hours. Then they entered a room. I peeked my head into this room. Her mother was holding a small bundle, looking exhausted. “Can I hold her!” Monroe cried. Little sounds came from the bundle. A baby. I never noticed that Julia’s pregnancy. Great, I have to report that to Class Three.

“Mommy can I hold the baby?” Monroe pleaded.

“Yes, yes. Sit, dad will hand her to you.” Monroe plopped on the bench by the bed. Collin took the baby from his wife’s arms, stared down at it in disbelief and handed it to Monroe.

“Support her head, okay?” Collin instructed. Monroe nodded her head vigorously. She stared down at it, stunned.

“What’s her name, guys?” Monroe asked.

Julia gave a light chuckle, “Harlow.”

“Hmm... I like it,” she affirmed.

Harlow Chambers. I hope she’s not a First Born, too.


The End

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