Clashing Realities - Chapter 4.2

I wasn’t really concentrating on my college revision anymore; I was far too distracted by everything that had been happening, surely if I had really seen the girl called Courtney she was a ghost? Or was she just a figment of my imagination that I had made up? Whoever this mysterious girl was it was obvious that there was important in some way and I needed to find out why. In my dream, I had found out a lot from her thoughts when I had been sucked into her and her thoughts had become mixed up with mine.

The real mystery however was why I was seeing her in the real world, out of the corner of my eye, just standing there staring at me. On a previous encounter I had followed her and she had led me into the woods on the edge of town and then had stopped, turned to face me then had just disappeared, her body replaced by thin layers of wispy layers of smoke before she vanished completely into the ether. It was like her time was up and it was time to go back, back to her world, back to the castle.

Maybe if I was dreaming about where she lived, maybe she was dreaming, perhaps this is her dream, just like when I had been dreaming I was dreaming about where she lived and she was dreaming about where I lived. The difference being when I was dreaming I couldn’t see her anymore, it was more like I was her, but when I catch sight of her when I am not dreaming she couldn’t see me and my thoughts we definitely my own and not hers too.

I shook my head, this was absurd, I was thinking too hard nothing could be that complex, sure it was bizarre and I couldn’t think of any logical explanation for it but it couldn’t be that complex. I sighed and pulled myself back to reality setting my wondering mind back on the task of memorizing my history notes for my exam.

The day passed very slowly as I scribbled down history notes onto flash cards, I had a habit of subconsciously copying exactly what was written in the textbook word for word instead of trying to condense the notes into the key facts, so in an attempt to break the habit I had bought myself a pack of flash cards which Nessie had recommended after my outburst a few weeks ago when we were revising English where I had said, “I’ll never pass this smegging exam” crumpling up a piece of paper and lobbing it into the already overflowing waste paper basket.

“Here, try using these the shrink your notes” Nessie had said, thrusting a pile of flash cards in front of me and smiling, “They have been great in helping me revise” I had taken the graciously and after testing them out for myself had decided that they were a great help and had decided to go down to the local Stop-and-Shop and buy a pack.

The End

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