Clashing Realities - Chapter 4.1

“Are you okay?” Alex asked me, making me jump, “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be…” I trailed off; Alex was staring at me with her penetrating stare which looked beyond just the facial expression and appeared to look right into the soul. “Really?” she asked, not sound convinced at all.

“Honest, I have just been revising too hard that’s all” I said coolly, giving her a fake smile which she seemed to believe.

How could I lie so easily? Maybe I should talk to Alex and tell her about it? I asked myself but then mentally shook my head, telling Alex that would most likely earn me a straightjacket and a padded cell; she’d think I was going mad. Or would she?

I decided against troubling either Nessie or Alex about my strange dream and made a conscious effort to look and sound as though nothing was troubling me by chiming in whenever Alex or Nessie spouted a conversation.  

I tapped my pencil on my notepad thinking, my mind wandering off again, thinking back to that dream and trying to suss out what the hell it was about but not getting anywhere.

That’s when I felt it, eyes boring into the back of me, staring at me, I lifted my head and looked around the room to see just what I had expected, Alex and Nessie were busily scribbling notes in their notepads.

“Just popping to the toilet” I muttered getting up and leaving the room, however I didn’t go to the toilet, instead I entered to hallway and peered out of the window which looks out over the driveway and Courtney standing there.

I guessed that she must have been looking through Alex’s bedroom window. Slowly and very cautiously I edged my way towards the front door and opened it, Courtney’s eyes had moved from the window where they had been staring and were now looking at the front door.

“Who are you?” I asked but I got no response.

Suddenly a voice behind me made me just a foot in the air, I whirled around and saw that it was Nessie, “Who is who?” she asked her brow furrowed, “I thought you were just nipping to the toilet?” she questioned.

“I was” I replied a little too quickly, “but then I was sure I saw something in the driveway and I went to check” I said wondering who I was actually trying to convince. Had I seen Courtney or had I just imagined her? I looked over my shoulder and saw that she was gone. Imagination, I concluded before shutting the door and heading back into Alex’s bedroom and continuing to revise, trying to show at least some enthusiasm.

“Are you sure you are okay?” Nessie asked, “Your acting very strange today?”

“I’m fine, honest” I said, looking straight at her as if by doing so she may get the message that I was okay and she needn’t keep asking.

The End

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