Clashing Realities - Chapter 3.4

“Have something to eat” wheedled Aislinn, gesturing her arms out to vast array of food that had been placed onto the table. “I’m not hungry” I said and it was as if the grinding of my stomach begging for food simply vanished. “I’m worried about you” Aislinn said a slight tremor to her voice. “Please eat something Courtney” Lucas said imploringly, wrapping a comforting arm around Aislinn. Elizabeth too was staring at me with a worried expression on her face, and at the sight of Elizabeth, Aislinn, Lucas and Nathanial all begging me to eat something I conceded, grabbing a bowl of soup from the table and proceeding to eat it.

After forcing myself to eat the soup I bid goodnight to the others and made my way back towards my bedroom, I was feeling warm and sleepy now after the soup and was ready to go to sleep, however part of me know I wouldn’t be going to sleep but just waking up. To anyone else that would have sounded barmy but it made some sort of sense to me.

I clambered into bed and snuggled down under the heavy duvet, I yawned and closed my eyes and plunging into darkness. Suddenly, I felt as though I had been plucked underwater, I was desperately trying to hold my breath and fight against the bubbling water. The bubbles made it difficult to see and I kicked upwards to see if I would be able to find the surface but to no avail. I closed my eyes, expecting nothing but death but it never came, instead air filled my nostrils and lungs and I was able to breathe again. Sunlight was streaming through the closed curtains and I sat bolt upright in bed. In my bed.

I could still feel my heart pounding hard against my chest, slowly slowing down; calming me down “it was a dream it had to be” I murmured climbing slowly out of bed and pulling on my dressing gown and slippers.

I allowed the cool water from the shower to rip me away from my dreamlike state, it had been a very peculiar dream, if it was a dream – it had been so real, so frighteningly real it terrified me.

I had no revision sessions today so Alex had arranged for Nessie and myself to stay over to hers and do some revision together to prepare for the upcoming exams and knowing that I wouldn’t get any revision done if I stayed at home graciously accepted.

I climbed slowly out of the shower, droplets of water dripping off my wet hair. Wrapping a towel around my head I brushed my hand across the steamed up mirror and glanced at my reflection. For a moment I was sure I saw Courtney looking back at me, her bluey green eyes sparking with unshed tears which she would not cry. I blinked and when I looked back my reflection was normal again, it was me. Had I just imagined that or had it actually happened? Had I just seen the girl Courtney looking through the mirror at me? Would I become her again if I touched the mirror? Cautiously I edged forward and placed the palm of my hand on the mirror and waited, nothing happened. I pulled my hand away and shook my head, No – I was being stupid, I hadn’t seen anyone other than myself in the mirror, it was my mind playing tricks on me.

I dried and dressed quickly and quietly, trying to keep my mind off what I thought I’d just seen I opted to straighten my hair and then plait the back. However the more I tried the concentrate fully on doing my hair to perfection, the more I thought about that dream and I was only plucked back to reality when I hot pain rushed across my finger, I had burnt myself on the straightness. Just Great!

After running my finger under the cold tap for about 15 minutes until it was quite numb, I finished doing my hair and shoved everything I would need to Alex’s into a bag and headed out of the door.

Alex didn’t live very far away from where I lived so it was much easier for me to walk from my house to Alex’s and preserve my fuel. It was quite a cool day, white clouds hung in the sky and a gentle breeze rustled the neat hedgerows as I walked. I still felt like I was in a dream, I walked along as though I was in some sort of daze, my feet automatically moving in the direction I wanted without any cognition, dodging lampposts as I went.

When I arrived at Alex’s, Nessie had already arrived and Alex and Nessie already had all their revision material spread all over Alex’s bedroom floor. I could see large A3 sheets of paper in front of Nessie which showed long complex timelines and spider diagrams which split her notes into key points.

I set my things down next to Nessie and pulled out a Psychology revision guide and my notepad and began scribbling down notes and highlighting the key factors, however my heart just didn’t seem to be in it today. My psychology exam was mere weeks away and I could afford to waste time mulling over some pathetic dream but then again I couldn’t seem to help it.        

The End

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