Clashing Realities - Chapter 3.3

The sound of the large wooden door seemed to reverberate all around the room, bouncing off every wall and it took a few seconds before the sombre silence of the castle was regained. I made my way quickly and quietly up a flight of stairs and round a corner, not even hesitating as my new memories lead me effortlessly towards a large chamber which I guessed was my bedroom.  

I opened the door and walked in, pressing the door firmly shut behind me and with a soft click I was alone. The rain was crashing down hard on the window followed by a loud clap of thunder and several seconds later the window is lit up by a flash of lightening. I flopped down on the large double bed, staring up at the ceiling of the chamber, this was an extremely strange dream, and yet it seemed so real to me. I pinched myself and a small squeak of pain escaped my lips as my nails left indentation marks on the back of my hand.

A soft tap broke the silence of the room and it took me a while to realise where it was coming from and then it struck me, someone was at my bedroom door. I clambered off my bed and walked briskly towards the door and opening it.

Before me stood the most handsome man in existence, at least that’s what I thought anyway however I couldn’t seem to place him – I recognised him from somewhere but I couldn’t place his name.

He was quite tall, meaning that I had to crane my neck slightly to look adoringly into his bright blue eyes, and his hair long fiery red hair was tied back into a bobble which just reached his shoulders.

He wrapped his large muscular arms around me and pulled me into a hug which I couldn’t help but return, “Your back, I was beginning to worry about you, how come you haven’t come down to dinner yet?” he murmured in my ear.

I started guiltily for a second, pulling out of his grasp and staring imploringly into his impossibly blue eyes, “I’m not hungry” I muttered without thinking, the fact was that Iwashungry but for some reason I didn’t feel like eating. I gaze into his eyes as if willing him to believe me but he doesn’t look convinced at all, he looks down at me and says soothingly, “You need to eat Courtney, andAlexandriawould be very cross with you if you didn’t eat.” I stared down at my feet, like a kid does when they are being told off, and suddenly I feel his arms wrap lovingly around me again and his lips kiss the top of my head as a tear trickles down my cheek.

My new memories kick into life again as I suddenly remember who this mysterious handsome stranger is, he is my husband Nathanial, best friend to Prince Aiden Windlord. Nathanial reaches out a hand and intertwines his fingers with mine before whispering “Come on” and dragging me from the room before I could protest.


The hall where everyone dined was by far the biggest and most elegantly designed room in the entire palace, four golden pillars stood in each corner of the room, each intricately designed with pattern work. Small rounded tables with white table cloths dotted the hall and two flights of stairs connected the ground floor to higher levels where more tables had been placed. A large chandelier and several spot lights lit up the whole room with a golden glow, and the lights were usually dimmed on an evening so the candles could be lit on each individual table so that when you entered the hall it was the dancing light of the candle which illuminated the individuals sitting at each table.

Nathanial and I entered the crowded hall which was alive with the soft murmur of chatter and the relaxing classical music playing in the background and Nathanial lead me over table which was occupied by three other people. We slipped into the two remaining seats and I was greeted by the warm smiles of Aislinn, Lucas and Elizabeth, whom I had only really just become to like.

“Hey Courtney” Aislinn said offering me a smile which I returned; a memory flooded my memory which told me that Aislinn was one of my best friends. It was strange really; Aislinn’s face and her mannerism reminded me somewhat of Nessie. The way her smile reached her eyes; so warm and genuine like she could always see the best in everyone she met.

The End

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