Clashing Realities - Chapter 3.2

These new memories buzzed around my head mixing themselves with my real memories; there seemed to be too many memories to contemplate as they all whizzed around inside my head at top speed.

It must have been getting late as the sun had begun its slow decent behind the hills in the distance, darkening the sky and colouring the clouds a dark purple. A droplet of rain splashed onto my cheek, I had better be getting back, my mind suddenly suggested. Back where? I thought to myself, and as if by magic I knew where, I wheeled around and craned my neck upwards to look at the huge castle that loomed over the trees, silhouetted against the inky sky, back to the castle one of my new memories told me.  

I turned and strode through the long grass towards the large white stallion which was now pawing the ground impatiently, evidently not liking the sudden weather change.

“Alcina” I called without thinking and the horse looked up at the sound of her name, her ears twitching slightly. “Time to ride” I called walking up to her, placing one foot on the stirrup and flinging my other leg over her. She was a very tall horse, and I suddenly felt a very long way from the ground. The rain was beating harder now and bending my head slightly to stop the rain from hitting my face I kicked Alcina into life.

We rode effortlessly through the trees and towards the castle; the trees provided some protection from the heavy rain that was falling so that when I made it back to the castle grounds I was only partially wet.

After putting Alcina away in her stable I slowly made my way towards to door which lead into the castle. As I walked towards the castle allowing the cool rain to fall down upon me I admired its beauty, pearly white brickwork was still faintly visible against the darkening sky, and was lit up further by the windows which glowed orange from the lights within the castle. The high white stone walls towered high above me as I approached which would normally have amplified the greatness of the castle and also of its rulers however now they seemed to tower over me making me feel incredibly small and powerless. It might have been because Alexandria was gone but the castle didn’t seem like a friendly place anymore, more daunting. The dark roof looked like dark clouds hovering in the sky threatening to burst, releasing its water load to the rain which was already plummeting down from the sky.

As I neared the entrance to the castle I looked up at the two rounded towers which stood imposingly on either side of the large wooden door which shadowed a small bridge which I had to cross to get in.

Normally I would never have paid that much attention to the scenery and what image they portrayed, images flashed through my head of times when I was a child, running across the castle grounds happily playing with my friends; feeling as free as a bird and yet completely and utterly safe. Now however I felt alone and dare I say it, even slightly scared as the castle looked down on me, silhouetted against the night sky, no longer a safe place.

I entered the castle at a run and pushed the heavy doors shut behind me, the rain had started to pelt down, and it was accompanied by a clap of thunder and a flash of lighting.

The End

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