Clashing Realities - Chapter 3.1

My eyelids were starting to droop more and more as I read my book in bed, I finally resided and snuggled down under my duvet, placing the bookmark in my book and placing it on my bedside table and surrendered to sleep.

Something sharp prickled beneath me faint at first but becoming more and more noticeable the more I woke up. I was lying on crispy fallen autumn leaves which were coloured a fiery red, they must have just begun to fall as I could see in the distance more red leaves floating elegantly in the gentle breeze.

I was dreaming again, I knew it, I recognised this place from before – I was in the meadow.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a white stallion grazing peacefully, munching at the fresh green grass and flicking its tail occasionally to shoo any fly’s away. I turned my head and as predicted I spotted the girl, sitting in the shadow of a giant willow tree, sitting with a glazed look on her face like she wasn’t quite there.

I walked up to her, knowing fine well from previous encounters that she wouldn’t be able to see or hear me but calling out to her all the same.

“Hello?” I called, feeling slightly stupid for trying when previous attempts had failed, however this time at the sound of my voice she lost her glazed look and her eyes seemed to narrow slightly. However they remained like that for only a second before she returned to her trance like state, it was like she could hear me but only faintly, like my voice was a whisper on the wind.

“Hello, are you alright?” I called again and yet again she stirred temporarily before she returned to her previous state. I reached out a cautious hand to touch her as if by doing so something might snap, her catatonic state broken and I may be able to find out what was going on.

I reached out and touched her arm and my fingertips felt like they were touching warm bubbling water which made me retract my arm instantly in shock. My hand came away wet … how curious.

I reached out again and slipped my hand back into the warm bubbling water, it was a strange sight looking at my hand which seemed to be disappearing into the girls arm and she didn’t even look phased by it. The water bubbled more rapidly, tickling my fingers as it did so and it reminded me somewhat of a Jacuzzi bath.

Suddenly something pulled at my hand, pulling me unwillingly further and further into the bubbles. I took a deep breath as my head was suddenly submerged in the bubbles, which were bubbling so violently now it was difficult to see.

My lung full of air disappeared in a cloud of bubbles in front of me and I was now frantically trying to find out which was up. I desperately splashed around, with no air in my lungs I surely thought I was going to drown. When all hope had been lost and I truly believed that I was going to drown it happened, my vision blurred into focus, the bubbles nowhere in sight and my lungs were suddenly filled with air. It’s amazing how little you appreciate air until you are without it, and then it is the one thing that makes all the difference as to whether you live or die. I breathed deeply trying to get my bearings and try to understand what had happened, where had all the water come from?

When my heart had stopped beating ten to the dozen I looked around to see if I could spot the girl but she was nowhere to be seen, but the horse she had obviously ridden in on was still happily eating the grass and lapping water up from the nearby stream.

Then the penny dropped with an almightily clatter, the reason I couldn’t see the girl anymore was that I was inside her. My vision blurred again and a tear slipped down my cheek, followed by another and another. Why was I crying? Did I have any reason to be crying?  Then suddenly my head felt like it was going to explode, I dropped to my knees and clutched at my head which throbbed painfully. I scrunched up my eyes, screaming for the pain to stop but it didn’t, it kept going on and on.

Images flashed through my head, memories I guessed as I was suddenly able to real off the reason I has been crying. An image of a woman with long fiery red hair laid on the ground in a pool of her own blood filled my head and I sobbed harder as I remembered that it had been the evil Guinevere who had called Princess Alexandria Riodorna’s premature end. I screamed as the pain in my head reached a crescendo before finally ceasing allowing me to see again.

I got unsteadily to my feet but for some reason I seemed unable to support my own weight and fell in a crumpled pile on the grass, sobbing.

I seemed to cry for an eternity, my mind seemed to be mulling over every single new memory which had just filled my head. Some were good, like the double wedding of Alexandria and Aiden and the girl, Courtney her name was and Nathanial. Other memories were not so good; the most painful memory had most definitely been watchingAlexandria getting murdered and then seeing the murderer get away with it.

I got to my feel again and looked around, as if hoping that there would be something to provide me with a clue as to what was going on around here but there was no clues anywhere!

Why was all this happening to me? What had I done to deserve this? It made no sense, or not one I could unravel but I was determined to find out!  

The End

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