Clashing Realities - Chapter 2.2

The rest of the afternoon went painfully slow; and Mr. Calthorpe’s monotone drone threatened to send me to sleep however I forced myself to stay awake, I couldn’t risk falling asleep now.

It felt as though the whole world was on slow motion, everyone seemed to be talking just that tiny bit slower or was that just my impatience.

When the day finally drew to a close it couldn’t have come too soon, I grabbed my things off the desk and shoved them hastily into my bag and made for the door. I went to pull the door open and I found my way blocked by Eric, a concerned look on his face.

“Are you okay Pippa, you have been very distant today?” he asked placing one arm on my shoulder. I sighed, “Yeah fine, History takes it out of me that’s all” I said and thankfully Eric didn’t press the matter further.

When I finally made it home I was ready for a cup of tea, I had spent the past hour and a half trying to get home, ducking for cover whenever I could. The heavens had decided to open minutes after I had left the school, soaking both me and my books.

It took much longer than usual to get home today because as well as ducking for cover as often as I could so that I could stay relatively dry, I had also seen her again. I had seen her dress whip around a corner when I was in the corridor at school and I followed her. She walked carefree down the footpath, it didn’t seem to phase her that it was raining; In fact it didn’t even look as though she was getting wet. I followed her down the wet footpaths, picking up speed so I didn’t lose sight of her. Where was she going?

We passed the park and I followed her into the woods, trying my hardest to keep up however this proved difficult as the rain had made the ground muddy. The rain beat harder against me but I kept on going, not caring about anything other than following this mysterious girl.

Suddenly we stopped by a large oak tree and she turned and looked straight at me, no she wasn’t looking at me, it was morethroughme, like I wasn’t there at all. Then she started to fade away again, her body replaced with thin layers of wispy smoke.

“No” I yelled, grabbing at the smoke as if in doing so she would reappear but the no avail, she was gone. I turned on my heel and started to make my way home, head down as the rain pelted hard against me.

Hot tea coursed through my cold body from the moment the liquid touched my lips, making me feel warm and sleepy inside. I didn’t want to do much this evening apart from go to sleep, I hadn’t lied to Eric before history did take it out of me and all I wanted to do now was curl up in bed and go to sleep.

The End

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