Clashing Realities - Chapter 2.1

I stared at her for several minutes, trying my hardest to believe my eyes, I knew for a fact it was the girl I had been dreaming about for the past week, the girl who always looked like she was going to cry. I nudged Nessie and breathed, “Who’s the new girl?” in her ear, glancing back at the girl and gesturing for Nessie to do likewise. Nessie gave me a confused look, “There is no-one there” she muttered back. I turned back to look and Nessie was right, there girl was gone, there was nothing to suggest that anyone had ever being sitting there. Was my mind playing tricks on me?  

I was suddenly brought back to reality with a loud thud as I realised that Mr. Calthorpe was hovering over me expecting me to give him an answer.

“Well?” he said tapping his foot impatiently and frowning down at me, “Do you know the answer or not?” he snapped.

“Not” I muttered staring down at the desk and refusing to make eye contact with him.

“This class is an example of a pupil who is destined to fail in history” He said, addressing the class; his voice was laced with obvious glee at the prospect of me failing history and he seemed in his element whilst embarrassing me in front of the entire class.

Luckily for me the bell rang signaling the end of the morning session and time for lunch; I practically leaped into the air at the sound of the bell, stuffing everything into my bag and racing out the door and to the Bistro, not bothering to even wait for the others.

I made it to the Bistro before any other pupil and thus was able to claim the best seats for me and my friends. It was as I was pulling my lunch out of my bag that I spotted her, she was outside, looking inside straight at me. I jumped to my feet and walked towards the window where she was standing, but as I neared the window I saw her fade away, as if she just faded out of existence and as she did so I felt a shiver run down my spine.

I turned around made my way back to my seat, feeling more and more on edge every second. I shakily lowered myself into my seat, flinging my head back and taking long deep breaths, trying to calm myself down. Beads of sweat were slowly trickling down my face and I was shaking. Was she a ghost? Did ghosts even exist? If so then why was I being haunted, if that’s what was happening, it made no sense.  

I wiped away the perspiration from my face just in time as my friends joined me in the Bistro and plonked themselves in seats all around me.

“Thank god that is over!” Alex said, pulling out a Chicken and Bacon wrap from her bag and taking a huge bite out of it.

“Who were you on about before Pippa?” Nessie asked me a perplexed expression planted on her face, “Oh nothing” I said not making eye contact and becoming very interested my packed lunch. However Nessie was like a dog with a bone and would not drop the subject and in the end I made up an excuse so I could leave the room and get a bit of fresh air.

It was a hot day, sunbathing weather, not revision weather, the sun beat down like a furnace with no breeze to lighten its fiery breath. Sure enough as I made my way outside I spotted a number of people were sprawled out on the school field, soaking up the rays before they had to retreat outside and do some more revision.

I collapsed onto the field as the heat was so intense, so energy-sapping I couldn’t walk very far, and rested my head on my bag, staring up at the clear forget-me-not blue sky as if just by doing so I might be able to forget (at least temporarily) the ghostly figure I’d been seeing.

The trees which surrounded the school field, heavily laden with summer's full bloom of leaves, seemed to be hanging their heads, no breeze to disturb the sun's relentless, burning attack.

It was no use though; I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more about this girl that meets the eye, somethingbig. I shook my head, trying to push this feeling to the back of my mind but I couldn’t. I had to find out what was happening and the only way I was going to do that was next time I had that reoccurring dream.

The End

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