Clashing Realities - Chapter 1.2

I hurried over to my group of friends and plonked myself down on the sofa opposite Nessie, Luke and Alex and Eric wrapped a friendly arm around me in greeting.

“Morning all” I said smiling; “Morning” Alex grumbled back a frown on her face and her brow furrowed in annoyance. “What’s up?” I asked her, “We’ve got history revision today” she retorted and I groaned.

Mr. Calthorpe was the only teacher I despised in the whole of the college; he was one of those teachers that will not shy away from the fact that he doesn’t like you at all! I had got off to agreatstart with him in my first ever history lesson with him. Mr. Calthorpe started off the first ever lesson by going through the syllabus for the next two years of History … fair enough but then he started firing random questions about the topics at the class and when it was my turn I responded by saying jokingly, “How should I know? We haven’t even been taught the stuff yet!”

I’d meant it as a joke but Mr. Calthorpe scowled at me before going to ask someone else, who got the question right … swat!

Ever since that lesson though, I am sure Mr. Calthorpe nitpicks through all my work, just looking for a reason to put me in detention, seriously the amount of detentions I have been in with him I should be in the Guinness book of records!

“I thought you would be delighted” Nessie said sarcastically and I smiled at her, “Well at least I have you lot…” I gestured around me at Nessie, Alex, Luke and Eric, “… to keep my company and stop me from jumping up and throttling Mr. Calthorpe” I said with a giggle, imagining me strangling Mr. Calthorpe to death, believe me, sometimes it seemed very appealing.

“Honestly Pippa, six months ago you were every teacher’s favorite pupil and now you are threatening to physically abuse them, a lot has changed” Alex said giggling. I rolled my eyes, “Six months ago, I still wanted to kill, Mr. Calthorpe, he has always hated me,nothinghas changed” I replied grabbing my bag off the floor and tossing it onto my bag as the bell rang and we all filed out of the common room and towards the impendingdoomwhich was Mr. Calthorpe’s History revision session!

We all piled into Mr. Calthorpe’s classroom, the tables had been pushed together to make a large rectangle in the middle of the room and the chairs had been placed around it. I wasn’t sure I liked the new layout, I was used to sitting at the back of the classroom with Nessie and Alex, as far away from Mr. Calthorpe as I could get but now we were all huddled together so‘we can all discuss the topics together’and I didn’t like it one bit.

Still I couldn’t complain; I had Nessie sitting on the seat one side of me and Alex on the seat on the other side so, although we couldn’t talk as much as normal in Mr. Calthorpe’s lessons, we could still pass notes or talk and make itlooklike we are talking about History.

Mr. Calthorpe handed around a booklet which contained all the possible essay questions that could come up in the ‘Medicine Though Time’ section and I frowned as I read through them.

“Describe the developments of Medicine through Time” – 24 marks

“Who was Edward Jenner, what did he create and how did this impact medicine?” – 24 marks

 My brow furrowed as I read further and I was surprised to see Nessie, [the history know-it-all] frowning in disbelieve. I prodded her with my pencil and gave her a shocked look, she nodded and mouthed, “I know!”

“I want you to spend the hour and a half completing the first essay question and then we will go through the mark scheme and see where you have picked up marks and where you havedropped marks” he directed this last at me, accompanied by a scowl.

 I sighed and resigned myself to struggling through the questions with exasperated, overemphasized sighs which seemed to make Nessie giggle and earning me yet more scowls from Mr. Calthorpe and some of the others who were apparently trying to concentrate

After about half an hour of halfheartedly trying to complete the history questions whilst also doodling on the side of the page ways in which I could murder Mr. Calthorpe and showing Nessie and Alex who silently giggled, Mr. Calthorpe finally stood up and addressed the class.

“Right if you could all finish the sentence you are writing and we will go though the paper”

There was a ruffling of papers and a scraping of chairs as people leaned backwards away from away the desk stretching after being leant over their work for so long. It was only then that I spotted something which shocked me. Sat across the table at me, her head down as if trying her hardest not to be seen was the girl, the girl from my dream, she was here. Why was she here? She couldn’t be here.

However that was beside the point, either my eyes were deceiving me or the girl from my dream, really was here in my history class. She tilted her head slightly and I could see her greenish blue eyes, they were still glistening with unshed tears like they were in my dream.

I tried to catch her eye but it was like she looked right through me, like I wasn’t even there.

Am I going mad? Or are my dreams seeping though into reality? … No, that’s impossible!

The End

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