Clashing Realities - Chapter 1.1

Pippa Bramley

I ignored my alarm clock when it first went off that morning, I had been up most of the night revising – mainly because I couldn’t sleep. For the past week or so I had been having some very peculiar dreams, they weren’t nightmares which terrified me so much that I couldn’t sleep, it was more a reoccurring dream, which I couldn’t quite place.

Every night I would find myself in this beautiful meadow which stretched as far as the eye could see; wild flowers in a variety of different colours were scattered all around, blowing gently in the cool wind. Forest surrounded the whole meadow, allowing it to be the perfect little hiding place when you wanted to escape from the whole world. A white stallion could be seen gazing not far away munching happily on the luscious grass and sitting in the shadow of a nearby willow tree sat a girl who was just sitting watching the world go by, her eyes continuously sparkling with unshed tears which threatened to fall.

The first night this dream had occurred, I had tried to talk to this girl but soon realised that she could see or even hear me but somehow she looked familiar, in some ways she reminded me of me. Similar to me this girl had long blonde hair which tumbled down from the top of her head, however this girls eyes where tinged a slight green colour, mixed in with blue.

For some reason this recurring dream unnerved me, it wasn’t the fact it seemed like such a normal dream that scared me, it was the fact that everything seemed unnaturally quiet, like people were scared to make any sound at all, even the birds didn’t seem to tweet, even in such a beautiful place as this.

My alarm clock buzzed again, snapping me out of my light doze and into reality, I considered bashing the snooze button again and rolling over and going back to sleep but before I could my mum came barging through my bedroom door and snapping on the light. I squinted as my eyes got used to the sudden bright light which had filled my bedroom and I sat up blearily in bed.

“Morning” I yawned at my mum who would have yanked my duvet off me if I hadn’t shown any signs of consciousness after her entrance.

“Morning” she said with a smile before leaving the room and allowing me to get dressed. I flung my feet out of the warm embrace of my bed and shuffled out of my bedroom and into the bathroom to get washed. The cool water brought me out of my dream like state and through me into reality, ready to face yet another day of revision. We had all finished our subjects now only attended college to go to thecompulsoryrevision sessions to help us with our exams. Not everyone bothered going because they felt that they could do much more revision at home than at school. I on the other hand knew that if I stayed at home, no revision whatsoever would be achieved so Nessie, Alex and I had agreed on the official last day of school that we would go to all of them, if not to only keep the others company and with the intension of doingsomerevision. We were sometime joined by Eric, Luke and on the very odd occasions Logan which meant that the revision sessions were not all doom and gloom, we all had a good laugh whist revising.

I splashed the cool water from the sink onto my face and for a second I was sure I saw the face of the girl I had dreamed about in the meadow staring at me from the rippling water in my bathroom sink. No, it can’t have been her that would have been absurd; it was probably just me in the rippling water. However my instincts told me that I had been right the first time.

The walk to school was long and boring, it had been raining the night before so large puddles covered the pavement and when I didn’t look where I was going I stepped into one and the rainwater oozed into my shoes. Usually I would have been driving to school, however my mum needed my car as her car was in for a service so that meant that mum needed to use my car to get to work.

I walked slowly towards college, my rucksack on my back and my I-pod blasting music down my ears, just the way I liked it. I liked shutting the world out like this, it was peaceful and it was near enough the only time I was alone with my thoughts.

The footpath was beginning to fill with the swarm of school children as I neared the school, the random chatter of the eager year sevens could be heard even above my I-pod as I passed though the school gates and made my way towards the large sixthform block.

The sixthform block stood separate from the rest of the school, that was a good bit about being a sixthformer, they had their own space which included their own Bistro, Computer room, Study centre, Library and the best of all, the loved by all common room.

I turned off my I-pod as I entered the common room and looked around eagerly to see if I could spot any of my friends. My eyes fell on a group of people sitting on two large comfy couches in the corner of the common room and I smiled as I approached them.

At the start of sixthform I wouldn’t have dreamed that I would merge in so well with thepopularcrowd but now they were my best friends and I would be truly lost without them

There was Alex; she is the stereotypical 'top' girl with her Sunglasses, Prada heels, Adorable dress and the guaranteed fact that she is going to be prom queen. Alex and I have grown closer in the past few months, it might have been because of all the drama which resulted in both Alex and I ending up in hospital.

Then there was Vanessa or Nessie as we all call her, she was typically the girl in the popular girls shadow trying her hardest not to be noticed. She was one of those girls who doesn’t realize how beautiful they actually are until someone drags them shopping, in Nessie’s case that someone was Alex. I had befriended Nessie after she had been insulted by Ellie, and I had gone to ask whether she was okay.

Ellie was a girl who had made many mistakes in her life which unfortunately couldn’t be fixed so easily and it had resulted in her committing suicide, although no matter what Ellie thought we all had tremendous respect for Ellie and when the time came to bury Ellie our hearts ached as we said goodbye to a great friend, somehow knowing that wherever Ellie was she’d be happy.

The End

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