Clashing Realities - Camp NaNo '11: August

Courtney Diegan

Wednesday 6th August

Dear Diary,

The world was a little bit colder now, the warm personality of my best friend Alexandria Riordana had been snatched away and she was sent to a premature end.

The whole Kingdom of Razenvald was in mourning, their beloved princess and future queen was dead.

The events of earlier that day still hadn’t sunk in; I laid in the meadow where Aislinn, Alexandria and I used to play as kids and watched the world drift by. The sky was a clear unblemished blue and a summer breeze blew through the flowers which had bloomed in the meadow. I hated the fact that the weather was so perfect when someone so amazing had left this world forever.

I let tears glide slowly down my cheeks blurring my vision of the world; my heart yearned to hear the voice of my best friend just one more time. I closed my eyes and thought back, back to all the days I had spent with my two best friends and smiled.

Wherever Alexandria was I could be certain that she was happy, and I had a feeling, deep within me that this wouldn’t be the last time I saw her or even the last time I would hear her voice. I just knew.


Pippa Bramley

Friday 13th May

Dear Diary,

Mother and Father are still insisting that I stay in bed despite the fact I am off the crutches. Yeah, I admit that my ribs still ache a tad but that’s all, I am able to walk now and I have already missed like a week of school.

Sunday 15th May

Dear Diary,

My parents allowed me to go back to school tomorrow at long last; I have been cooped up in this house for far too long it will be good to have a change of scenery.

They only agreed to it because of Nessie dropping off the dreaded exam timetable for the upcoming exams and of course that was it. As soon as my parents clapped eyes on the exam timetable they couldn’t wait to get be back to school.

Monday 16th May

Dear Diary,

School felt very different, there was a completely different vibe about it; part of the reason may have been because Ellie had left us forever and break and lunchtimes were a hell of a lot quieter without her.

Nessie and Luke, Alex and Logan, Eric and me all hung around with each other nowadays; which is a huge difference from how things used to be.

Before I would never have dreamed that I would ever merge in with the popular crowd and neither did Luke or Eric. Now however, we are all great friends and do everything together, I couldn’t imagine myself without them now, couldn’t imagine going back to being the ‘swat in the corner with her head in a book’ as I was once nicknamed.

The only downside to this perfect picture is the fact that sometimes both Eric and I feel slightly out of place, especially since Nessie and Luke are officially an item – it only took them how many years?- and also Alex has also given Logan a second chance [well that caused loads of gossip.] Eric and I are not together, no matter how many times I have wished we were, it had never happened :( I love him, I actually really do but I don’t know the right words to tell him.

What if he doesn’t feel the same way?   


Courtney Diegan

Friday 8th August

Dear Diary,

The date for Princess Alexandria Riordana funeral has been set and it still hasn’t quite sunk in, I don’t suppose it will ever sink in that she is gone. Prince Aiden Windlord is an empty shell without his princess, ever since her death his dark hair has become more and more unkempt and it looks like Aiden’s once carefree spirit seems to have died with Alexandria.

The palace has become a very grim place to be, no one spoke much and the constant tension could be sliced with a knife. Mostly I have been keeping to my room, and when I wasn’t locked away in my room I was either silently going about my jobs or sitting by myself in the beautiful meadow where Aislinn, Alexandria and I used to play and reminiscing about the ‘good times’

I was sitting in the meadow earlier and one carefree memory bubbled to the surface of my mind, as I was watching my white stallion Alcina munching on the moist green grass in meadow, meters away from where I was sitting.  

A memory of Aislinn, Alexandria and I galloping through the woods towards the meadow filled my mind and I closed my eyes as if hoping to relive it. I could have sworn that I could feel the horse galloping beneath me, the warm wind making our hair whip out behind us as we galloped through the woods; carefree. I am sure that I could hear Alexandria’s contagious giggle as she raced Aislinn and I to the meadow, Alexandria had been by far the best horsewoman out of the three of us, she had darted around the trees with ease.

This carefree moment had all been part of a set up that Nathanial (my husband) and I had concocted to try and get Alexandria and Aiden to get to know each other better and it seemed to have worked, or at least played its part in working. Both Alexandria and I had a double wedding after both Nathanial and Aiden proposed to Alexandria and myself on the same day and with the help of Aislinn we both got a fairytale ending …. Almost.

In Fairytales, they always seem to end with the royal wedding … or in our case double wedding; it’s a must in fairytales. The last line in fairytales is ‘And they all lived happily ever after’Lived, no-one dies in fairytales … did Snow White die? No she did not. When Alexandria was murdered, spoiling our ‘happily ever after’ our hearts shattered and we realized that our lives would never be the same again. Alexandria Riordana was dead.

The End

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