Saffron soared through the air, loving the feel of it's cool body flowing over his warm one. It was if he were blanketed in a refreshing breeze. Ahead of him, the vaguely familiar spires of Syria became more and more visible. He did not know why they were familiar at all, but something in him just made him feel as if they were a place he had been. 

The Lady Sage sat in the crevice between Saffron's massive eyes. From his perspective, she was a small figure maybe as tall as his eye. But, from her perspective, he was a massive black figure as intimidating as the emperor they opposed. For some reason, it did not bother her. She trusted him, sanity intact or not.

Well, it was a good thing, for they were about to enter the jaws of the enemy. Trust was needed. 

As well as bravery.


Drakmor walked around the castle, searching for any signs of life on Baron's command. If it was a year ago, and they were still aboard the Jackdaw, then Drakmor would have never taken orders from the halfling. It was only due to the situation they were in that he even listened now.

Once Drakmor had searched his designated area, finding no living creature save a rodent, he walked to where Baron waited. He found the man with two or three other men, planning their next move. With the city of Gallia empty of life and Blue's army gone, there was a lot of confusion going around. Had the army already attacked Gallia before Blue was captured? If so, where were they headed-

"Baron!" Drakmor called, interrupting the larger man. Baron gave him a curious glance, prompting Drakmor to continue. "What if they already headed to Galvenston?"

The man shook his head. "I had scouts spread out to make sure that wasn't the case." 

"No chance they evaded our people?" Drakmor asked, thinking hard. He needed to know where the army was. After all, they left Galvenston nearly undefended. The soldiers here, who had been normal men and children a few weeks ago, were the bulk of their force.

"None, unless they had some kind of magic, and I don't think-"

"The northern kingdom!" Drakmor exclaimed. Of course, why hadn't he thought of it earlier!? "If you were the enemy, what would you do to ensure your victory?"

Baron's eyes went wide. It was obvious he realized it as well and with Gallia annihilated, the northern kingdom might be the only ally they had left. If they still survived, that was.

"Men!" Baron called, walking to the door, "Gather our forces and prepare to head out! We are to head north!" Drakmor smiled and followed the man. There were times when Drakmor had hated Baron, times he had thought of him closely, but never a time when he respected him. Now, though, he could respect him.

The End

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