War Campaign - BeginMature

Saffron watched from the hallway as Sage walked toward's Baron's tower. It had bee nearly a day since her dispute with Drakmor. Saffron had never knew he was like that. Who was Valeria, anyway? 

Saffron shook his head. It did not matter. He had taken himself to shadowing Lady Sage for the last few days since the incident with Blue, who was now kept securely in the basements once more. She mostly attended to the details around the castle and took reports on Galvenston, as an Empress should. The city was flourishing, for some reason. Most likely the rain.

"Are your forces ready to march?" Saffron heard from the open doorway that Lady Sage now stood in. Why did she sound strained? Had they had an argument again? 

"Yes, Siren, we will head out just as soon as I finish the details on this report." Baron's voice was easily recognizable. Saffron often had nightmares with the 'God.' He hated that he remembered the brief time he spent being beaten by Baron, insane for some unknown reason and unable to beat the man.

Now Saffron was stronger. His shaved head and face was a sign, maybe not to the rest of the people here, but to Saffron himself. It said, I am not weak.

"Saffron," Lady Sage's voice called. Saffron pulled himself from his head and walked to her.

"Yes, Lady Sage?" 

"Baron is taking the vast majority of the forces to Gallia, where Blue's army is poised to attack," She said calmly, obviously hiding something. Saffron was getting good at memorizing her attributes, from her blonde hair to her emotions. 

"Are we going with him?" Saffron queried. 

"No," Lady Sage said, shaking her head, "We are going to end this clash between empires." She looked serious, but Saffron was unsure what to make of this. What did she mean, 'end this clash?'

Sage started walking away from where they stood, most likely heading toward her rooms to prepare. For what, Saffron had an idea. And it was not pretty. Saffron chased after Lady Sage. He had to see if he could talk her out of this. He did not want her in any more danger.


Drakmor stood at the top of Baron's tower. The halfling probably knew he was there, but gave no sign of it. Drakmor smiled. He would not let on that he knew anything about anything Baron did. But...

...He would make Baron pay for affecting Sage in such a way.

The End

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