Vow of DeathMature

As Drakmor had predicted, Sage stared at him with annoyance in her eyes and her arms folded just under her chest. It was a stance that essentially said: 'What do you want to talk about?'

How would he start it? How SHOULD he start it? It was unclear to Drakmor, who had only known Valeria in his heart. "Nice night for a stroll, huh?" he found himself saying. 

"Yes," Sage said, turning to stare toward the large castle of Galvenston. She looked worried, but Drakmor wasn't about to ask what for. 

"Well... uh..." How to do this? "I want to say sorry for my behavior in the time I've been here." It, somehow, worked. Sage looked at him with a faint smile.

"Now there's the Drakmor from the Jackdaw's crew." Back in those days, he had avoided messing with any of the crew members other than Baron and Ezekiel, the ship's doctor. All the others thought he was soft on the inside. They were partially right, then.

"Yeah, yeah, now I need to ask you something." What was he asking? He had no idea how to steer this conversation where he wanted it to go. Drakmor scratched the stubble on his face. He really needed to shave.

"And what is that?" Sage's face went unreadable. 

"Do you honestly think we will win tomorrow?" Drakmor asked. It wasn't what he meant to say, but a question he did want answered. 

Sage looked thoughtful. "Baron seems to have a plan, but with Saffron, I think we have a shot." 

"We don't."

Sage turned on Drakmor, annoyance and a little anger dominating her persona. "Why not?"

"Well, Lorenzo saw their army," Drakmor said slowly, "Even with Saffron, Baron, Zero, and myself, we would all tire out and faint before we could take them out." 

Sage huffed. "Then what do you want me to do? Tell the men we are going to die? Let Galvenston fall? What should I do then!?"

Drakmor laughed harshly. "Isn't it obvious?" From the look on Sage's annoyed face, she did not know what Drakmor spoke of. "This is just a big dragon," Drakmor explained, "and no matter how big a dragon gets..."

"...if you take it's head, it will die!" Sage finished. Drakmor smiled. The Sage from the Jackdaw days had been naive and stupid compared to this woman. Yes, she had grown. Now, to ruin her good mood.

"By the way, Sage," Drakmor said quietly.

"What is it?" 

Drakmor turned and walked away. "I still plan on dying and I need no one to grieve for me. Be happy with someone else." With that, he surged his blood, empowering his artificial body and jumping into a window on the second floor of the castle. He did not turn to see what Sage's reaction was. 

Instead, something hit his mechanical left arm. Drakmor stopped and looked down. 

It was an arrow. 

Drakmor whipped his head around, expecting an assassin, to find Sage with another arrow knocked in her bow. When had she pulled it out? Where had she got it from, for that matter? Drakmor jumped to the side of the open window just as another arrow shot through the air. She had gotten GOOD.

"What's the matter with you!?" Drakmor called out the window. 

"You want to die, so I'm helping you." An arrow pierce the wall just beside Drakmor. The STONE wall. Had she been using the powers taken from him to adapt her muscles? It was the only explanation. 

'Damn, I can't fight back.... Her aim and power would take me out.' Drakmor ducked as another arrow pierced the wall just above his head. "Stop and talk to me!"

The arrows stopped. "How about this: I command you to live!"

The End

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