Clarity, Or Lack ThereofMature

Sage wandered about Galvenston, pleading the fresh air to offer insight to her current troubles. It was said that solitude itself could offer a small degree of clarity. Sage wouldn't be able to test that theory out this evening as someone was already close on her heels, calling her name.

Sage turned and offered the faintest smile when she saw Baron standing there. Her smile quickly diminished when she saw how anguished and distressed he truly looked. “Whats wrong?” She asked, rushing into his arms.

Baron shook his head and turned his eyes upwards towards the darkening sky.

Was he praying?

“Tell me. Is it the Syrians? Blue?”

Baron returned his gaze to her and gently pushed her away. What was his problem? Sage wondered as she witnessed conflict registering on his face.

“It is something else?” She reached for his hand. “Tell me.”

Baron looked at her, but couldn't keep eye contact for too long "Aye, perhaps your right it's the happenings of war.”

Sage's concerned deepened.

Was he hiding something?

“You worry me,” she confessed.

Baron tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “Nay, dinna worry fer me too much Siren. I am Half God after all,” he quipped, smiling magnificently at her. “I wish I could linger longer but I must have word with my men and make sure their prepared to strike Blue's men in the morrow. I will walk you back to the castle now.”

Sage shook her head. “If its alright I'd like to enjoy perhaps the last quiet night in Galvenston outside. I fear it will only grow more hectic from here on out.”

Baron brought Sage's hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it gently. “Than I shall bid you good night.”

Sage bid goodnight to Baron and continued walking towards the Village square. The night really was quiet. There was nobody out to enjoy the peaceful chirp of the crickets or the unmistakable love the stars had for the night sky.

She stopped to rest at the broken fountain. This time it was nearly full to the brim with water. She took off her boots and stockings so she could allow the water to soothe her sore feet. She sat like that for awhile. And as she sat she thought about Odyous, and all of her recent mistakes. She prayed to the Gods that the head would be returned safely to Gallia. With the increasing tension of the Empires she also figured it was time to appoint an heir. She wasn't immortal and though she would never admit it out loud; she could feel her time drawing near. She sighed. If only water could be turned into wine, she would be drunk and in high spirits instead of mourning that which had yet to come.

Sage was so deep in thought that she didn't even hear Drakmor approach the fountain. He gave her a sidelong glance when he saw her boots and stocking lying on the ground besides the fountain. How childish of her. Immediately she turned to put her stockings and boots back on her bare feet.

Drakmor held up a hand to stop her. “Don't fret, I won't tell anyone. I just came here to talk to you.”

The End

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