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Drakmor waited for Saffron to leave Sage's quarters to follow the man. He was surprised at Saffron's change in hairstyle - from a long mane to a short style - but didn't comment on it. Drakmor himself had changed his look drastically plenty of times. He now had a long ponytail with a small goatee. His silver hair looked best that way, so Valeria had said so long ago.

After a while of walking, Saffron stopped. "What is it?" The man had an odd edge to his voice. It almost seemed dangerous. Yes, somehow this man was completely different than before. Was his insanity gone then? Maybe there was hope for Lorenzo yet.

"I need you to distract Baron while I talk to Sage," Drakmor said quietly. Saffron tensed, but Drakmor quickly added, "I won't hurt her or yell at her, I just want to talk in private. That's all, I swear." Drakmor was confident in his abilities. He wasn't a match for Baron, true, but with that man he at least had a chance. Saffron...

Well, how was Drakmor to fight a dragon that could easily eat an elephant?

"Why do you need to talk to her?" Saffron was now staring at Drakmor. Was that a scar on his neck? 

"Um... Private things," Drakmor blushed. It wasn't like he was asking the woman on a date! It was the opposite. He just couldn't figure out how to tell her. With Valeria, his long-dead girlfried, Drakmor had been the happiest. Even with her dead, he couldn't move on. He wouldn't. 

Saffron growled, but thankfully did not change form. Drakmor didn't want to deal with a dragon. "Alright, but you only have one hour. Baron checks on her every hour or so, so maybe I can stall him." Saffron walked off. He seemed to not like Drakmor... 

'That was easy...' Drakmor thought, 'Now to deal with the hard part...'

Drakmor turned toward Sage's room. It took only a few moments for him to get back to it. He opened the door, prepared to face Sage, only to find the place empty of life. Drakmor had just been here. Where had she gone.

"Hey," Drakmor stopped a passing maid, "Where has Sage gone?" 

The woman looked surprised at the sight of Drakmor. "She went for a walk..." Drakmor nodded and took off to look for Sage. He hoped he could find her before nightfall.


Saffron watched as Drakmor ran off. Should he follow the man? Kill him? It would certainly be a loss for Lady Sage, but it would be easier in the long-

Saffron shook his head. Why was that a thought in his mind? Was he growing like this because of what Blue said? Why would that change Saffron, though? 

"I need time to think..." Saffron ran to the nearest window. It was, thankfully, a few levels up. He checked his surroundings, finding no one in sight, then let the curtain fall from his shoulders. Cold wind from the window blew across Saffron's naked body, but he didn't mind. He simply took it in, then rushed out the window.

The air rushed at Saffron as he immediately plummeted to the hard ground of the courtyard below. A few weeks ago, this might have scared him, even killed him, but now Saffron had control. He had power. 

Saffron changed, letting himself feel his body grow and darken into that of an immense Black Dragon. Once, this would have scared the people below who now spotted his form. 

Now, they cheered at his body that blackened the sky.

The End

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