"I... I don't know..." Saffron murmured. 

Lady Sage was staring at him, as well as the silver skinned man called Drakmor. What should he do? Explain that he could feel that Blue spoke the truth? Would it change the way Lady Sage thought of him? He didn't care about the others opinion of him, nor was he threatened by them. Only Lady Sage's opinion mattered.

"Sage..." Drakmor's rough voice said, "Blue rarely lies, if at all. He likes to use truth to hurt people, though sometimes it is bent." Drakmor left, then. Obviously, he already knew his answer.

"Saffron... ?" Lady Sage's voice had a trance of fear running through it. Saffron decided quickly on his next words, for they could possibly make or break his only friendship.

Then, Saffron thought of Baron. What would he say? Saffron had found out his mother was a being of great power, yet he rebelled. The man was strong, a bit on the rude side, but strong nonetheless. Would he let it bother him if one of his siblings were the enemy?

The answer was no.

Saffron stood up suddenly, causing Lady Sage to jump slightly. "What if the enemy is my brother?" He said, mimicking the silver clad boy, Zero's, enthusiasm, "I am yours, and I will fight with you, with or without my sanity. With or without him being my brother. And lastly,  with or without anyone's help." He finished with a bow, careful not to drop the curtain that was his cloak.

Lady Sage seemed pleased, and even hugged him! "That's more like it." Her voice was no longer traced with fear, to Saffron's surprise, but with joy. Good. It meant that he had done right. In all the times he spent listening to theothers, he had learned to talk as the best of them.

Saffron's hair, for some reason, seemed horrid. His beard had already been shaven that morning, so why not his hair? "Lady Sage?"

"Yes, Saffron?"

"Do you have a pair of cutters I can use? My hair is too long." Saffron was smiling then.  He would cut his hair short, a sign of a new start. It was a new start, as well. He had a new friend, and the loneliness was gone. Maybe even his insanity would stay locked at bay.

Saffron didn't notice, however, that the ball of insanity in his head... 

...was growing.

The End

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