Levilar saw through the eyes of his host that the storm had stopped. It was such a pity. He could  have used it to kill the Empress and level the pitiful excuse of a land she ruled. 

But no. Levilar was not a vengeful being. Neither had his host, Blue, been. He would escape, that was a fact, but he would not destroy this place. He would just complete his mission and leave. Yes, that would do. He needed to land that the Syronian Emperor provided for the ritual...

"Watch him," the burly man known as Baron said to the two skinny guards. They saluted pathetically and stayed that way until Baron left the room. Levilar would have to do something about that man. Maybe boil him alive? Would that kill one of these so-called Gods?

Aside from the two guards, only the Emperor's brother stood in the room with Levilar. He seem conflicted. Had they succeeded in making him loyal to that Empress?

Before Levilar could use his host's mouth to say anything, a gust of wind came in through the large opening in the room, carrying the remnants of the storm that had been vanquished. Levilar felt Blue's body shiver in excitement as the humid air washed over him.

"I'm going," Saffron said, pulling the makeshift cloak around him tighter. Within a few moments, he had walked out the door. Perfect.

Time for an escape and Assassination. 

Levilar focused on the water in the air and pulled it to him. 


Saffron walked down the corridor, feeling his mental lock on the ball of insanity. Did it seem weaker? If he was right, then he had a finite amount of sane time left. Perhaps a week? Saffron did not know how he knew, but he did. 

Drakmor passed him along the hallway. Neither man spoke. Saffron assumed Drakmor still thought him insane, but he didn't mind. It put him at an advantage, should Saffron ever want to kill him.

"Saffron," the silver-skinned man said.

"Drakmor," Saffron replied before walking on.

He needed to figure out if what Blue had said was true. Was he really the Emperor's brother? It would surely explain a lot. But, it would also open a lot more questions. Why had he lost his memory? How was it he could change into the dragon? Those questions daunted him. 

Ahead Saffron saw Pierson. He started to call to the boy, but hesitated. What was he carrying in that large sack? Should Saffron follow him and find out what it was the boy hid. If it was something dangerous to Lady Sage, then he would have to act, even if it meant-

Saffron halted and stopped his thought process. Pierson was a CHILD. It was probably snacks or some prank he had hidden in the sack. Saffron really needed to stop with this sudden suspicion. After hearing what Blue said, he started feeling suspicious of everyone.

He continued walking toward Lady Sage's room. He would see if she knew anything.

The End

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