The Crazed WolfMature

Drakmor ran up a flight of stairs with Calla still under his arm.

"So, it's just up here?" he asked her.

She looked up at him, a sick expression covering her face, "Yes! Now, Master Vayr, can you please put me down!?" 

Drakmor stopped and put the woman down. He started to ask how she felt, but noticed she stood frozen in horror. He followed her eyes and found what it was she was staring at.

A giant wolf.

"Who are you?" Drakmor asked cautiously. He thought he recognized the wolf, but he hadn't seen it since they came to help Sage two weeks back. The large wolf walked forward and started to change his shape. Where a wolf walked one minute, a large man with long brown hair stood the next.

"Drakmor!" he cried, running forward, unaware of his own nudity and of Calla staring incredulously at him. Drakmor hugged the insane man back and felt relieved that he was alive. Drakmor had sent him to slow Syrona's armies a while back. With the length of time that had passed, Drakmor had been unsure of whether or not the man had lived.

"Welcome back, Lorenzo," Drakmor said to his old friend. Aside from Jim, who went by Randall back then, Lorenzo was the only one who escaped the Organization with Drakmor. The Organization had tried weaponizing many people, using their unique abilities for tests. Lorenzo had lost his mind as a result. 

Drakmor had lost his arm and literally all his blood. Now he was a mechanical construction with microscopic robots in his body to keep him alive. Though his arm was the only thing that was truly mechanical, Drakmor knew he was nothing more than a machine.

"Calla," Drakmor said, pulling the maid out of her trance, "Can you find Lorenzo some clothing and send him up to the room where I'll be?" The woman nodded, though she still looked sick. "And Lorenzo." the man looked to him curiously. "If you lick anyone, I will beat your ass. Understood?" 

Lorenzo laughed madly and nodded. Drakmor was still worried, but he didn't have time. He continued his run up the stairs and to where Blue was being interrogated. The stairs ended and he saw the door Calla had told him of.

Drakmor flung the door open and saw that there were many people present in the room. Sage, Baron, Saffron in some strange makeshift cloak, Blue, and several guards with random weapons stared as he came into the room.

"We need to move him to the lowest area possible!" Drakmor shouted.

"What are you-" 

Drakmor cut off Sage with a wave and pointed out the open window. "A rainstorm is coming."

Sage nodded. It seemed she understood. That was good. It was less time that Drakmor would need to explain. 

"OH!" Drakmor exclaimed before anyone moved, "If you see a long haired man or a giant wolf, do NOT let him lick you, lest you go more insane than our Dragon friend over here." Drakmor ignored Saffron's annoyed look and ran out of the room. They could handle Blue.

Drakmor needed to make sure Lorenzo was keeping to his word. If any of the men in Galvenston went insane because of the lycan, then Sage would try to have Lorenzo's head.

The End

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