Saffron held Sage on his nose staring into the room where the dangerous man and Baron with his guards stood. He was tempted to kill the man who whore the blue jacket, but seeing the man constrained was satisfying. 

He put her down and flew back from the castle. It was much smaller than a few days back, but that wasn't because of it's damage. He was just larger.

He flew toward the castle, and the entrance to where sage was, at a steady pace. Just before he hit the castle, like the startled Baron and man in blue thought he would, Saffron changed his form. For some reason, he naturally tucked and rolled into the room as his human form and, before many saw his naked form, ripped a curtain off the wall. 

Saffron draped the red curtain around his shoulders and walked to Sage's side. Baron still looked alert, but he ignored the man. "Are you ok?" Saffron asked her.

"Yes, though never do that again, lest Baron here try to attack you again." She smiled. For some reason, it seemed, she actually was glad. Saffron wondered why, but ignored it. He walked to where the startled man in blue sat. He seemed familiar.

"You!" Saffron shouted, "Who am I?"

The man in blue blinked several times before bellowing a laugh. "Really?" he asked Sage. "You really wiped his memory?"

Sage grew a curious look. "No, we found him like this."

The man laughed again. "Do you know who he is?"

Baron walked up, keeping an eye on Saffron, and stopped just in front of the man. "Why don't you tell us?"

The man laughed again. "That," he said, pointing at Saffron, "Is the emporer of Syronia's brother!"

The room went quiet with the exception of cynical laughter.


Drakmor ran toward the castle, trying to make it in time. People stared as he passed them and knocked them to the ground.

He needed to warn Sage and Baron. He needed to make it in time. If they didn't do something soon, the whole kingdom could be brought to ruin. 

"Hey, what are you-" Drakmor shoved the guard who spoke and rushed into the castle. He immediately saw Calla, one of Sage's most trusted servants, and scooped her up under his arm. 

"No time," Drakmor told the screaming woman, "Where is Sage and Baron?" She stopped and stared at him, recognizing the seriousness of his face and tone.

"Down that hallway," She said, looking sick. Drakmor would have stopped, but his message was more important than a sick stomach.

Sage needed to know there was a rainstorm coming.

The End

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