Sage stared after Calla. “Odd, I gave her the day off because she wasn't feeling well. Just goes to show you how deep her devotion is,” she muttered.

Baron gave a slight nod of his head. He took Sage's hand and steered her back to the door of his bedchamber where Blue was still being held prisoner. “Come now. I'd like a word with Mr. Cadoc myself,” Baron opened the door to the room. It was much darker than it had been only minutes ago.

Aeron Cadoc sat in his chair. He was trembling and pointing at the outer wall. Sage followed his gaze. Something was blocking the window, which would explain why it was so dark in the tower. Sage couldn't make out what was in the window, it was too dark. “What...” she asked titling her head curiously.

Baron pulled out his sword. “Stay back,” he warned.

Before Baron could poke or prod the source of the obstruction light crept into the room. Slowly the dark was filtered with sunlight. Sage walked closer towards the large dark object despite Baron's warning. A gust of warm wind came from the window. The force was so strong it rattled Sage's skirts and blew her hair back away from her face. Sage reached out her hand. The creature backed away again. A moment later Sage was staring at nostrils as wide as caves. It lifted it's head and opened it's mouth to show off it's teeth. Each tooth was about the size of Baron. Sage was mesmerized. She walked closer and climbed on the frame of the long and narrow window. Instantly Baron's arms went around her, hauling her back. “Sometimes I truly think you are bored with life," he growled.

Sage smirked and wriggled free of his clutch. “It's not going to hurt me,” she said with laughter in her voice.

She could hear the skepticism in Baron's voice. “How are you so sure?

Before Sage could answer the massive beast took a giant leap from the window. Below she could hear people scream as the scrambled to get out of his way. “Because that is Saffron.”

Baron's eyes grew wide. “Well Siren. He may not be intent on hurting you, but with his size and lack of grace he could easily destroy the whole Kingdom before Demitrius  ever has the chance.”

Sage nodded. He was right, Saffron would have to be led away from the castle grounds. It would take a whole army of men to restrain him. This would give Sage the perfect opportunity to escape to Gallia and return Odyous, who had recently decoded the rest of the grimoire. While she was in Gallia, she might be able to spy on Blue's Army. Baron turned to face her, Sage felt guilty that she would have to lie to him again. He placed his hands on her shoulders. “Where will you be, while I am restraining your beast?”

She hated when he stared into her eyes like that, it made it impossible for her to lie. “I will be conversing with Odyous,” she said truthfully.

He smiled satisfied with her answer. Sage turned to leave, but before she can get anywhere the room began to shake. Sage screamed and Baron shielded her body as rocks and debris flew from the wall. A minute later after the castle stopped shaking they slowly got up to there feet. Blue's chair was knocked over, but he didn't seem to be seriously harmed. Baron up-righted the man and the chair with ease.

Baron drew his sword again, and walked towards the window. “I should have let you die on the ground you overgrown nuisance!” He charged.

Saffron growled at him in return. “Baron!” Sage put herself in between the dragon and the Halfling as Baron came at her with the sword. It pierced her arm, and she fell backwards from the pain, landing on Saffron's over sized muzzle.

Sage!” Baron screamed once he realized what he had done. The gash on Sage's forearm wasn't too deep, it just stung. If Sage didn't look at the blood, or acknowledge the pain, it would go away. As for falling fifty feet to her death, she wasn't sure that could be prevented. She tried to access Athena's powers to persuade him to stand perfectly still, until Baron could get her down, only she hit a mental barrier. A sharp pain ebbed in her head.

Gently she stroked Saffron's leathery dragon skin. She spoke gently to him, “Please let me down.,”

Saffron's humungous eyes narrowed and stared right past her towards Baron and his sword. “Put the sword down!” Sage ordered.

Reluctantly Baron dropped the sword.

Sage turned her attention back towards Saffron. For the first time she had no adrenaline or powers to cover up her fear. “Let me down,” she repeated with more force.

The End

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