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Saffron awoke to the pretty face of a small dark haired woman. At first he thought himself in Heaven. The lack of his insanity and sight of a woman with concern in her eyes being plenty of reason.

"Finally awake, huh?" the dark haired woman  said, placing something warm and wet on Saffron's head. He nearly jumped, but managed to keep calm. He remembered now. That darkness had been pierced by a bright light moments after he had arrived there. He had appeared somewhere south of Galvenston and managed to get bacj=k with his connection with Sage. He had collapsed before he managed to find anyone, though.

This woman must have found him and nursed him back to health.

"I thank you," Saffron told her, trying to sit up. Several hands, including the dark-haired woman's hands, pressed him back down. Saffron looked around as he lay, unwillingly, back down and was surprised to find a few more young women surrounding him. His eyes grew wider when he realized he wore nothing but trousers.

The girls giggled as he tried to cover his scarred torso. "Look at him!" one of them called.

"The big bad dragon of Galvenston is afraid of us!" another said.

"He's so adorable!"

They went on to Saffron's dismay. His face was nearly the color of a cherry before the dark haired girl silenced the others. "Enough girls," she said, her voice telling Saffron she was probably in charge, "Go see to the other wounded."

"Yes, Mistress Demura." They looked at Saffron one more time, then walked off. He was baffled. With his beard and long hair he should have looked like a mountain man or a beggar. No woman had looked at him like that, that he could remember.

Saffron felt a chill on his face. His hand immediately found his face and he realized his beard was gone. He didn't know why, but that made him scared. It was like the beard was important for some reason. Maybe a link to his unknown past? Saffron checked his head and found his hair still intact, thankfully. He didn't know why he was thankful, but he was.

"Now you," the pretty woman - Demura was her name - said from his side where she sat, "need to rest." Saffron was enticed by that dark haired beauty and was tempted to listen, but he wanted to use his sanity while it lasted. He was surprised it had lasted this long.

"I need to leave," Saffron told her sternly, sitting up despite her hands on his chest urging him down. Saffron would never admit he liked those hands on him, even to himself. It would only tempt him to linger further.

"Master Baron said you might want to leave," Demura said in a menacing tone. Was she trying to intimidate him?

"And he was right. Too many times he has been right and I have not heeded his words. I plan to go to him, anyway. I'll inform him that you ladies did your best to stop me, but I proved too much." Saffron finished with a grin, then stood up. Demura, though she did not seem happy, had a curious look on her face. Like a fox examining a mouse, not sure of what to make of it. 

Saffron ignored her. Around him were dozens of beds spread across what was once a tavern dining room. Wounded men lay on the beds, having a few women run between them administering bandages, medicine, and other medical products. What had happened?

Saffron remembered the attack. Was it still going on?

"Faedra! Emara!" Two women perked up at Demura's call. "Go get Phillin and Grets."

They immediately walked off, obviously informing some men about Saffron's attempts to leave. He felt a little weak, true, but he thought he could get away.

The two men entered moments later, both nearly a head and a half taller than Saffron. They walked right past him and stood at the exit of the tavern. It was obvious what the bald men were trying to convey. Saffron grumbled and walked toward them. He could at least try, even if he knew he could not get by-

One of the men rushed to grab him, but Saffron, using instincts he never knew he had, ducked and elbowed the man in the side, causing the large man to grunt. The other man tried to grab him while Saffron was still low, but he dodged, once again with unknown instincts, and tripped the man. 

Without breaking a sweat, Saffron walked out of the Taverns door and into a street. The buildings on this street were still in the midst of reconstruction, so not many people, other than workers and a few puny soldiers. 

Saffron felt sorry for Sage Rosewood's army. It was small and most the members were old and worn out. But, with the two large men behind him, Saffron didn't have time to worry about them. He changed into his other form.

Or tried to.

Saffron panicked. Why couldn't he change? Was the Dragon gone? Saffron checked his mind, which he did not know how he did so, and felt for the Dragon. He found two things. 

One was a ball of madness with a lock. Saffron didn't know how he knew it, but it seemed his madness was temporarily locked away. Was that a good thing? Or a bad thing? The two men finally recovered and grabbed Saffron, pinning him to the ground. Despite his face in the dirt, Saffron ignored them.

He felt at the second source. It seemed as black as a darkness itself, but somehow gave off light. He could picture it in his mind, but he couldn't comprehend it. Was it the Dragon? 

Saffron decided to assume it was and dove into it with his mind. It was an odd feeling when his mind sunk into the darkness. It was like diving into a cool refreshing pond after a long day at work. He enjoyed the feeling as his mind sunk further and further, eventually settling at the darkness' middle. In the middle of that dark mass, he found the Dragon. It wasn't the actual Dragon, but the soul of it. Was the Dragon really another being entirely?

The pressure relieved from his back as Saffron grabbed the Dragon's soul, and he felt himself grow, black wings emerging from his back, claws erupting from his fingers and toes, face changing and forming horns, and his mass turning from the size of a small man, to that of a six story building.

Saffron opened his eyes to find himself eye level with the top of Sage's castle. 

"Dear Creation!" his bellowing voice exclaimed, "How big am have I grown?"

Below he heard something. It was too quiet to understand, but after looking to the ground, he realized it was that Dark haired beauty, Demura. Why was she so enticing to Saffron?

He bent his head down, nearly flattening himself in the street, and sniffed her. For some reason, she didn't run or cry out. She just looked annoyed.

"Change back and go inside!" She shouted, her annoyance barely covering the amazement in her eyes. Saffron was surprised. Here he was, a Dragon who's eye was as big as this woman, and she was the one who was giving orders. 

Saffron laughed, causing all the workers, who had already stopped to stare at Saffron, to back away. "You are brave, but I am big." Saffron rose up and took off, knocking the people in the street down with the sheer wind force his wings gave off. He really needed to watch out, least he accidentally hurt someone.

His body the size of a mansion, Saffron took off to the castle. It would not take five seconds to reach the building with his new size. Before, it had taken almost a full minute. But now...

Saffron gave out a roaring laugh and flew toward where Sage was. He was sure the entirety of Galvenston heard that. It was good though. They needed to know they had Saffron to protect them.

The sane Saffron.

The End

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