Baron found Sage sitting against the door of his bedchamber. He slumped against the wall until he was sitting down besides her. He noticed for the first time that she looked tired and worn. Sage stifled a yawn and rested her head against his shoulder. Baron pressed a possessive kiss against her forehead. Sage glanced up at him. He hadn't even asked how the interrogation went yet. He seemed distracted. Sage grew tense when she saw that he was smiling down at her.

“Blue's army is hidden outside of Gallia. They are waiting for his signal to attack,” she said.

Baron squeezed her hand. “I will deal with him, just promise me you will stay here,” Baron met her gaze. “I can't be worrying about you on the battlefield.”

Sage pulled her hand out of his. “I can't promise you that”.

Baron stood up abruptly. He balled his hands into fists and starred down at her. “Why?” He demanded.

Sage stood up. “I am not a child Baron,” she whispered. Only it wasn't Baron who needed the reminding. He never patted her head or patronized her. If anything he treated her as an equal. The protective side of Baron was something new. Somehow it made him come across as vulnerable, more human.

Baron leaned in closer. He cupped her face with his hands. “Why?” he asked again in a whisper.

Sage couldn't meet Baron's eyes. His mouth was inches away from hers. She loved Baron, that has never changed. Lately that love was growing, changing. Her reservations about him breaking her trust was the only thing keeping her at an arm's length away. Sage had few friends. She had people who respected her and obliged her orders, but friends....

Sage leaned in closer. “I don't want to be left alone. Not while my friends are risking their lives on the front lines.” she used the plural tense of the word friends, careful not to reveal too much emotion. She couldn't say the words that made her chest tightened. She needed him.

Baron picked up on her hesitation. “I promise you. From here on out, your the only one I want to live or die for.”

Sage's eyes widened. It wasn't a deceleration of love, but the sincerity in his voice stole her. She leaned closer, sure that this was the right choice. She loved Baron as a friend and knew that he was a good man. He didn't give her butterflies, or make her forget how to form words and sentences like Drakmor sometimes had. But it wasn't fair to compare the two. Who would want the constant turmoil of nerves and unease all the time anyways? Slowly their mouths met. The kiss was sweet and promising. Baron loved her, everything about her. He had no reason to stray or seek comfort in another woman's arms.

After a minute they heard approaching footsteps and broke apart from their kiss. Baron wore a victorious smile on his face.

Sage sheathed her knife in the holster around her thigh. She caught Baron peaking and gave him a playful smack on the shoulder. An instant later Calla appeared next to Sage.

She glanced at Sage and Baron, surprised at their proximity towards each other. “S-sorry, I didn't think you would be up here.”

Sage glanced between Baron and Calla. What was she doing up here, this late in the day? The servants rarely came up in Baron's tower as they weren't permitted to. Baron inhaled and took a sudden interest at the floor under his feet. How awkward, Sage thought.

“How have you been feeling?” She asked Calla who had recently been battling a vicious stomach illness.

Calla pressed her hand to her stomach gently. “I'm sure I'll get over it,” she said in a clipped tone.

Sage shook her head. “Alright then, what can we help you with?”

Baron glanced up at Calla. “She is probably here to give me an update on Saffron's progress in the infirmary. Right Calla?”

Calla narrowed her eyes at Baron. Saffron being in the infirmary was news to Sage. “Yes, don't fret Empress. Baron brought Saffron to the nurses station earlier this afternoon. He was feverish, but seems to be doing well with his recovery.”

Sage threw her arms around Baron's neck and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “You saved Saffron. You really are turning over a new leaf !”

Baron exchanged a glance with Calla. Calla nodded slowly and dismissed herself back to her chores.

The End

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