Baron threw Saffron's unconscious human form over his shoulder. The man was skinny and brittle, though he had filled out since he had arrived in Galvenston months ago. He carried him to the small infirmary located on the first floor of the castle.

Minutes earlier Baron had found him unconscious lying in the castle grounds. In the haste of capturing Aeron Cadoc, Saffron's absence was not noted right away. Baron had no idea what had happened to the lycan or how long he had been lying there. He was burning up. His skin was hot to the touch, as if he had been scorched by something.

The Man-Dragon was nothing more than a nuisance for Baron, constantly getting him into trouble with Sage, yet Sage was the reason Baron had gone looking for him. Their loyalty towards her was a common trait. Saffron was protective in ways that Baron couldn't always be. Not to mention the Great Dragon was one of Galvenston's high and desired assets. Baron tried to chalk up the rescue to all of those explanations. He refused to admit that he was going soft and that Saffron was actually growing on him.

Worriedly, he dropped Saffron on the bed of the infirmary. The three nurses smiled adoringly at Baron. Any other time Baron would welcome the attention. He cleared his throat and ushered them back towards Saffron. “It's the man dragon. He is feverish and fallen suddenly ill. See to him right away. Let me know if his condition changes,” Baron demanded before leaving the room.


Slowly she dragged the tip of her knife across Aeron Cadoc - aka Blue's- face. The man bit back a cry. Her knife would leave a deep scar on his face. Sage's voice was low in his ear. “I bet you really want me dead now?” she asked.

His breath came out in a whistle through his gritted teeth. She had him tied to a chair at the highest point in the Castle. They were away from any water or moisture from the earth. Baron's tower consisted of only necessities; a bed, which he rarely slept in, and a chest which he kept his armour locked up in. Impressive weapons ranging from brass knuckles and to centuries old torture devices hung on the walls in lure of decorations. Baron didn't even have a wash tub in his room, he used the common area of the castle for readying himself in the morning. He liked to get a rise out of Calla, by bathing in the servants quarters. Sage had already gotten several complaints from the servants about it.

The lack of water was taking it's toll out on Blue. If Sage didn't get answers quickly he would die before she ever got the chance to ask them. “How big is your army?”

“Rot in hell Empress,” he croaked.

Sage dipped the tip of her knife back in the basin of sand, and it across the open wound across his cheek. Blue's body shook compulsively. If there was one thing that hindered him as much as water aided him it was desert sand; dry enough to crack the earth, potent enough to corrupt Blue's power supply.

Sage licked her lips. “I'm thirsty. Would you mind if I took a water break. I promise I will be quick about it, and we can continue right where we left off,” she taunted.

Blue summoned the strength to tilt his head up. He gave her a venhemous look. “Fiff-ty men,” he huffed.

Sage leaned forward and pressed the palm of her hands on Blue's lap. She stared straight into his eyes. “What ties do you have to the Syrian Empire?”

Blue didn't answer right away but Sage saw his gaze go to the Grimoire, that lay open on Baron;s bed. The pages had to be dried out after Leviathar flooded the meaning room. They were now stiff and crunchy.

“The Grimoire bounds you?”

Blue nodded his head. “I made a deal. I get the Grimoire, and kill you and Demitrius gives me a fair cut of Galvenston.”

Sage narrowed her eyes. “You are foolish if you believe he will keep good on his word.”

Blue laughed. “ I'll kill him if he doesn't”

Sage smiled, before dipping her finger in the sand. She traced the outside of his dry and cracked lips. “We'll see about that,” she muttered. Blue pursed his lips together refusing to taste the sand.

“Where are your men stationed?”

Blue opened his mouth to talk, but had to turn his head to spit the sand out of his mouth. Swallowing something so dry caused him physical anguish. He glared into Sage's face as she increased her proximity.

Sage hadn't expected the answers to her questions to flow freely from his mouth, but getting Blue to talk was harder than pulling dragon teeth. After a moment of hesitation Sage raised the knife menacingly. Blue cleared his throat right away. “They are hiding on the outskirts of Gallia.”

Sage set the knife down. That was all the information she needed for now.

The End

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