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Drakmor stood up, with the help of Sage. His body had been left drained by Levilar. That damnable serpent always used opportunities like this. Drakmor was just glad the beast slipped into him and not Sage. Without his mother's power in him, Drakmor doubted he would have came out of the experience with a soul to call his own.

Blue, now awake and beginning to look younger and more intimidating, sat bound in a chair by thick cords of rope. Luckily, he hadn't the strength to summon the serpent again. Nor would he try in this room. Doing so could hurt the beast.

"Yo, Drakmor!" Blue shouted, now having a look of relaxation on his face, "Who's the chick? Your girl or another so-called 'friend?'" 

For some reason, Sage blushed. Drakmor ignored it. He knew why, he just forced himself not to think of it. It was the only way he was able to be in the room with her. Hell, it was the only reason he was able to stay in Galvenston with her. He needed to stray calm, or else his instincts might overcome him.

"So," Drakmor replied, staring at his old friend, "Is it really Aeron Cadoc? Or has the serpent gotten better at impersonations?" 

Blue shook his head. "Well, right now the serpent is sleeping. For some reason, it's all pooped. By the way, where am I? Where are the others?"

Drakmor looked to Sage, who now stared at the blue haired Aeron with menacing eyes and knives in each hand. "Sage, a word outside?" She looked over, seemingly coming out of a trance. 


They walked outside, splashing there feet in the waters that now flooded the floors. Drakmor hoped the serpent didn't assume control of Aeron anytime soon, or that water would go from being a mess on the floor, to a weapon more dangerous than any sword or gun.

"Look, he is in his right mind right now, but he remembers nothing!" Drakmor said in a hushed tone. "It's like the last few years have gone right by!"

"Well, what are we supposed to do?" Sage looked very annoyed at the moment.

"Take away his water. Make sure there is no water near his location, have Baron hold him, and wait for him to go back. Blue is very confident and doesn't care about anyone, including himself, so he will probably give you information on the Emperor easily."

Sage exhaled heavily. "Are you sure he will talk," she said, for some reason avoiding looking at him. Drakmor ignored the voice in his head and patted her on the head, like he used to in their days on the Jackdaw.

"You can handle him."

With that, he walked off toward where Zero waited in the shadows. Baron had arrived where Drakmor had left, making Drakmor feel a little better. He knew Sage had some of Athena's powers in her still - he had felt them firsthand - and that ounce of Drakmor's own borrowed power. His mother had given him the Pheonix's hatchling, not that she meant to. The Pheonix lived inside her, so there was little to do to stop the process.

Drakmor stopped his memory there. He did not want to relive the centuries he spent in that underground facility, being experimented on and changed. Because of them, he now was considered a freak. His silver skin and robotic arm gave anyone who saw them a sense of awe and fear, but mostly fear. 

He really needed to find a shirt.

The End

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