The attack on the castle was quick, too quick. Before putting up any sort of defense Sage searched the men in attendance. There was a group of fifty or so gathered in the court yard. She examined their faces and their posture. She couldn't detect any signs of betrayal. They all wore the same surprised and horrified expressions. And Baron, was fighting a the man with the blue hair. He was a powerful match. Sage's heart lurched. She had to contain herself, and not intervene, she would only cause more havoc.

Sage gasped, once she remembered Odyous was still in the storage unit. She dodged the serpent, and even kept calm, while running to the prophet. She snatched him up. He screamed at her. “What is all the pandemonium?”

“Serpent,” Sage managed breathlessly. She didn't have time to explain the whole situation. His voice was muffled when she picked him up and placed him in her satchel bag along with the grimoire. Sage ran back towards the commotion, seeking a quiet place and a strong incantation in the book that would ward off the leviathan.

Before Sage could make her escape to Baron's tower Saffron scooped her up. She protested, begging for him to release her. The dragon was becoming more of a strong willed creature. They were heading towards Gallia. Sage pulled on one of Saffron's dragon scales. He didn't know about the prophet. The Gallian's may have already suspected Sage of stealing it. This would only confirm their accusations. She would loose one of Galvenston's few allies and worse she may even be prosecuted or sentenced to death for kidnapping Odyous. “Turn around!” Sage commanded.

Saffron whipped his enormous head back. His nostrils flared in response. Sage closed her eyes, summoning what little magic of Athena's she had left. Persuasion was her strongest gift. Once Sage felt the magic transcend into energy she asked Saffron again, “Turn around,” This time he obeyed.

Within minutes they were back in Galvenston. Sage wasted no time dismounting and taking off towards Drakmor's canvas tent. As expected the space was vacant. She lifted Odyous out of her bag.

“I need a spell to vanquish the serpent,”

“Turn to page seventy three in the grimoire and let me read the incantation,” he said obligingly.

Sage did as told. Odyous's eyes lowered towards the text and he began to whisper in a foreign language. The ground beneath Sage began to shake. Sage remained still. She heard a horrible wail from the castle. She knew with every shake of the earth that the beast had detected her. He was angry. He began to close in on them. Sage saw the enormous shadow outside of the tent.

“Hurry!” she pleaded with Odyous.

Odyous began to whisper faster. The beast drew near. Sage searched the tent for a spare bow. The passage was far too long. She had no choice but the stall the serpent. She stepped outside of the tent.

Saffron swooped out of the sky and Sage climbed in his back with the bow. “Steady,” she warned Saffron so she could stand without falling. The blue creature brought his head dangerously close to Sage. It hissed, revealing a long snake like tongue. Sage pulled the arrow back and raised her aim at one of it's large eyes. She was trembling, and with the fear of falling in the back of her mind, she clumsily released the arrow. It pierced him not in one eye, but in between both. She intended to gain an advantage over the serpent by blinding it in one eye, instead she only gave it more of a raging motivation. Saffron flew back. The earth began to rattle once more though, it was not from the dragon.

Desperately Sage shot another arrow at the dragon. This time she did not miss his eye. The dragon briefly stumbled, but that was all she needed. Behind the dragon a large vortex was opening up.

Sage and Saffron were being pulled forward through the force of the wind it created. Saffron tried to fly, but the wind proved to be too much for his wings. The canvas tent was torn from the ground. The vortex swallowed it whole. Sage swore, the serpent was holding on. Odyous was either going to be eaten by the serpent or consumed by the vortex.

Sage jumped off of Saffron with two arrows in her hand. She landed roughly on the ground, but pushed past the pain. She used the arrows to anchor herself to the ground by plunging them into the dirt. One by one she lifted and plunged the arrows, army crawling to Odyous and the grimoire. Miraculously she felt Odyous rolled over on the ground on top of it. She covered him and the book with her body. The wind was a challenge, but she used the strength of Drakmor's powers to hold on.

Sage didn't have to look back. The distant sound of the serpent's cry and the wind dying down told her it was over. With the help of Odyous she had vanquished the serpent. Apparently it wasn't an easy feat.

The End

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