Saffron, now in a clothed human form, ran as fast as he could through the hallways, aware of the danger Sage was in. 

His sanity, it seemed, was back. But for how long? He had to make the most of it while it lasted.

He turned another corridor and finally found a window. Without a second thought, he jumped out and changed into his dragon counterpart, flying toward where Sage had been. His connection with her allowed a sense of direction from far distances, but up close it was more obscure.

As he flew, he found much of the palace in chaos. For some reason, the enemy troops had spread through the castle grounds. Saffron wondered how this was poss-

His thoughts broke off when he saw the cause of it.

On the wall of the castle was an enormous blue serpent that nearly crushed the stone walls under it's immense frame. Saffron started to feel fear. The creature could literally swallow him whole.

He shook it off and continued his chase towards Sage. He needed to get her to safety, and that was that. 

He eventually found her in the courtyard where he had left her. Saffron saw dozens of men around her and Baron fighting some man wearing all blue. Saffron knew he should fight off the soldiers and help Baron, but he also knew how much Baron would rather want Sage in safety.

And so, Saffron swooped down, grabbed a surprised Sage, and flew off. 

"Take me back!" she yelled from his claw, sending out a buzzing sensation through his arm. Saffron was surprised. He knew she had the magic of Baron's mother and Drakmor's running through her, but it seemed as though it didn't work. Saffron guessed the silver haired boy was right then. 

Saffron was immune to magic.

"No," Saffron said through his growling jaws, "We are going to safety."

With that, Saffron left Galvenston's sights and headed toward Gallia.

The End

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