Blue, the Assassin of WaterMature

Drakmor walked off and left Baron and Sage to their planning. 

What was the point of telling Sage everything when she kept just as much from him? It was hypocritical. He didn't pry information out of her, so why should he be berated for keeping information to himself. Not to mention that Sage would just get mad. Stealing an important religious figure from another kingdom? Sage surely would be against that.

Drakmor sighed and left to find a good place to train. They had a while longer before the force outside Galvenston attacked, since his Mounseiken guards had been keeping them busy with another barrier. Odd people, those mounseiken. Zero was one as well, but he wasn't nearly as quiet as the guards.

Drakmor rounded a corner, finally leaving Baron and Sage's sight and nearly ran in to a figure. He was about to curse himself for not watching where he was going, like Sage had done earlier, but stopped when he realized what the man wore.

A blue cloak.

Drakmor jumped backwards, surged his blood, and pulled a knife from his pants. He had lost his long sleeve shirt containing his other knives, so he would have to be more careful when throwing the ones he had.

The man in the blue cloak was in the shadow, so it was hard to see his face at first, but now that Drakmor's senses had been boosted, he could clearly see the smug face with blue hair.

"Aeron," Drakmor scowled as menacingly as possible.

"Ahh Drakmor," Aeron said slowly, "Please call me Blue. I hate that other name and so does Levilar." He smiled and pulled out a large circular blade from underneath his cloak.

"What do you want?" Drakmor asked. He could easily race to Sage and Baron and request help, but he really didn't want Blue seeing Sage at all. The man wasn't an idiot and would strike at her if the opportunity arrived. Not to mention, Baron and Drakmor both would barely be a match for Levilar, should Blue summon the creature.

"Isn't it obvious?" Blue said slowly in a more serious tone, "Your Empress and the book she stole." With that, Blue jumped at Drakmor, water from the ground moving with him in his assault. 

Drakmor blocked the shakram blue held, only to lose his knife in the process, and took a fist in his stomach. The only reason he didn't faint was because of his surged blood. Another fist, followed by the circular blade of the shakram, sank into his gut moments later. Drakmor fell, unable to keep his blood empowering his body.

"Don't cross me, Drakmor," Blue said. He turned and left, causing Drakmor to be confused. Blue knew Drakmor could recover from this. Why didn't he end it? 

Drakmor passed out before he could think further on the subject.

The End

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