Just as Sage ran up towards Saffron he shifted back into a man. Sage was growing used to keeping her eyes above his waistline when he did this. “Go into the castle Saffron, and here is a new game; don't let anyone ride you, unless it's me,” she said dismissively.

Sage turned back towards Drakmor. He whispered something to Zero and then Zero sprinted off towards the castle. Saffron had yet to leave. He stood stark naked by Sage's side. Sage ignored him and focused on Drakmor. “Why do you insist on keeping me out of the know. As Empress I should have a right to know when you are plotting something of this degree. It's dangerous to travel to Garrosh with a group of men. Next time you want to play hero consult me first. I am much more knowledgeable than you. I know the outlay of the lands around here, and the rituals of most of them as well. You are a Goddamn fool Vayr!” Sage shouted, kicking up a cloud of dust from the dirt ground.

Drakmor narrowed his eyes, he stepped closer to her with n angered look on his face. Sage backed away. Before Drakmor could lay a hand on her, Baron came into view. He walked down a path from the castle's tower in their direction. Sage motioned at Baron in warning to Drakmor. Drakmor stepped away from her and tried to cool his temper, though his hands coiled into fists. Saffron began to laugh uncontrollably but left the scene as Baron joined it.

Baron winked at Sage causing her to blush. She could not meet his eyes, they haven't spoken about the quick kiss they had exchange a few days ago. That conversation would have to wait. Sage had more important matters to discuss with him, such as the prophet she had kidnapped and stowed away in a storage unit of the castle.

Sage could feel Drakmor's heavy judgmental gaze fall upon her. He was a man with many secrets. He never fully explained about Zero, or why he was traveling with the boy. Everything surrounding Drakmor was becoming more and more suspicious. He had many secrets so she didn't mind keeping her's from him. He would probably give her hell for it anyways. Baron would be annoyed too, but he would be quick to forgive her. After all Sage had only kidnapped Odyous for the good of her own kingdom.

“Baron, can I have a word with you?” Sage asked.

Baron smiled. “Of course what is it?”

Sage awkwardly glanced from Drakmor to Baron. Neither man was aware of her confused feeling towards the other. “In private,” she added quietly.

Baron stepped closer. “Of course,” his voice came out in a purr.

Sage tensed and Drakmor cocked his head curiously. “What is a matter?” he demanded.

“Nothing,” Sage and Baron said simultaneously, though Baron's tone was much lighter than hers.

The End

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