The BetrayerMature

Drakmor stood looking at a disheveled Sage in front of him. What could she be thinking that would give her that odd expression?

"I was going to warn you," Drakmor said slowly, "But I figured you need to learn to watch your step."

"Where have you been?" Sage asked. For some reason, Drakmor got the feeling the question was more a distraction than an actual query.

"On a mission to the northern Kingdom of Garrosh," he replied. Sage immediately perked up. "I was heading up there to request a trade route between Galvenston and Garrosh, but we ran in to trouble?"

Now Sage look irritated."What kind of trouble?"

Drakmor averted his eyes for a moment, then looked away from Sage entirely before she realized what he had saw. "Well, long story short: We rescued their princess, successfully opened a trade route, and have a wagon train full of food on it's way." 

"Something tells me there's something else going on..."

Drakmor sighed and gave in. "Zero might have enticed the princess..."

Sage now seemed incredulous. "You mean that boy made the princess, who is considered nearly a Goddess in Garrosh, love him!?

"Yeah...," Drakmor replied, laughing nervously, "I guess we now have leverage?"

"No... We have a problem."

It was Drakmor's turn to be confused. "They consider the first man the princess falls for divine," Sage said, "So... they sacrifice him."

'Well damn,' Drakmor thought.


Saffron soared through the air, glad to be free of things to do today. 

He looked at his own body, and how the orange glow of the evening sun reflected off his black scales. He was amazing! It had taken a while to realize it, but no one else could be what he was. He was one of a kind!

That meant he was a unique character in any game!

Saffron soared for a while longer before he got tired. He decided it would be best to rest his wings for tomorrows game of hunting. He was glad of Baron's offers of food, but he loved hunting too much to let himself eat anything he hadn't caught.

Something in the distance caught Saffron's eye just as he was heading in. He immediately shot towards the object, ready to catch it an eat it, should it be a bird. 

A moment later, Saffron realized it was a man, not a bird. He did not want to eat a man, yet he couldn't help but try and capture him. It was a new game! He could capture him and bring him to Baron and then the man would have less of a reason to be the jerk he was. Saffron didn't know why Baron would feel that way, but something inside just made him believe it.

The figure came closer and from the position, Saffron assumed the silver haired man knew he was there. Then again, it was still light out and Saffron was huge. He laughed a little and shot a bolt of flames toward the man.

"Woah!" The silver haired man yelled as he shot out of the way. Saffron took advantage of the moment and snapped at the man with his powerful jaws. He only bit air.

Feet fell on Saffron's back. "What the heck, Saffron!?" A voice said over the rush of wind, "I thought you were the Empress' loyal pet?"

"Games are fun!" Saffron roared as he went in to a barrel roll and managed to punch the man with his claw. Saffron chased after his falling prey. 

The figure released some sort of red flame at Saffrom, but he just flew right through them. It was slightly odd, how the flames seemingly refused to even touch his black scales, but Saffron ignored the thought and focused on his target. He needed to win this game.


Drakmor paced back and forth. "What do we do, then?" He asked Sage, who stood watching him. Drakmor punched the stone wall with his mechanical arm, tearing in to the masonry. If Zero was killed, then Drakmor would be in deep trouble. King Saikren would kill him personally.

Drakmor cringed at how the king would kill him should his son, Zero, die. After all, there was only one way to kill Drakmor the Immortal Steelcrusher.

Draining his body of it's silver blood.

Drakmor's thoughts were interrupted by a large shadow engulfing both he and Sage. Without thinking, Drakmor rushed at Sage and knocked her to the ground, getting on top of her. Just before the thing, which he realized was Saffron in his dragon form, hit, Drakmor surged his blood at the highest rate he could.

And then it came.

The force took the breath out of Drakmor, but he managed to keep his body rigid and Sage safe. The worst part was the pain. Drakmor could feel Saffron's rough scales literally ripping  in to his back. He knew it would not kill or even do major damage, it never did, but the pain he always hated.

After a moment, the Dragon finally stopped moving around. Drakmor surged his blood once more, using the remains of his energy to shove Saffron's rear off of him and Sage. His long sleeve shirt fell to the ground, revealing his silver chest and mechanical arm. 

Drakmor would have been embarrassed, but he had more important things to worry about. So did Sage. 

The two of them rushed to Saffron's head to make sure he was OK. 

"Saffron!" Sage yelled, running ahead of Drakmor. He had never realized the Dragon was this large.

Saffron rolled on his back, revealing an annoyed Zero in the Dragon's grasp. "I win!" Saffron said in his grouchy voice, earning a very angry look from Sage, who now stood looking into his eye.

"Drakmor," Zero said, smiling slightly, "This guy is immune to magic."

Drakmor gasped. "What? Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Zero replied, trying to free himself from Saffron's struggle, "I think we found the Betrayer."

"Talk about two birds with one stone..." Drakmor muttered. 

It had been a long day.

The End

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