Turning PointsMature

For a severed head Odyous was full of threats and angst that sage wondered how he would be able to carry out. In spite of Sage's reassurances the prophet still thought he had been kidnapped for ransom. “ I tell you Empress I'll bring your world crumbling down upon you. You dare make a mockery out of my wisdom and knowledge, as if I'm some tool to be used at anyone's dispense. I shall bring great pain upon you and your kingdom!”

Sage stared down at Odyous, where he was positioned atop an empty crate in the storage room that housed linens and furs. The corners of her mouth tilted up into a grin. As she hugged the grimoire to her chest “Unless your planning on biting me, I do not see how you can cause me any real pain at all.”

The head growled before snapping his teeth at her. Sage stepped back cautiously. “Look Odyous, the grimore needs to be decoded. I am not sure what Demitrius has planned, but his magick combined with the ancient enchantment of the text is a dangerous pairing. If he should succeed in his endeavor all of Galvenston and even Gallia will be brought to a bitter end.”

Odyous's face remained impassive. Sage sighed. It seemed she would have to resort to begging. She offered the prophet an innocent and pleading look. “Help me. If not for my Empire, then for your own.”

Odyous considered it for a moment. “Argh! Oh fine, bring me the grimoire,” Sage spread the grimoire open on the crate before him. She opened the door to the storage unit and peered out into the hall. She glanced at her scared maid, who would not be left alone with the severed head after he spat futile insults her way on their first attempt at talking with him. He offered the maid the same threats, he had Sage. “It's alright Calla, Odyous has agreed to help us. All you must do is turn the pages for him upon his request.”

The maid shook her head timidly. Sage backed out of the room, leaving them both to their jobs. She smiled at her small victory. She couldn't wait to find Baron and Saffron to inform them of the news. Her demeanor changed when she walked to the stables to check on Pierson. She missed her favorite mare. Defeating Demitrius, wouldn't help to ease the pain, but it would make her feel as if she had rid the world of one more monster.

Being an Empress wasn't enough for Sage. At heart she was a warrior, and a fighter. She was not the best anymore ,most of her battles and brushes with death had been fought with luck on her side. For this reason she would request Baron's help and training. Her cheeks flushed and she was overcome with confusion and nostalgia. She never owned romantic feelings towards the warrior, but now that the possibility had opened up.... And than there was Drakmor, who was infuriating and bossy. She shouldn't want to feel this way, especially after he had rejected her....

Sage leaned against Nera's empty stall. Pierson was busy with his own work, and wouldn't be any use of a distraction towards her. After a few minutes Sage left the stables, and began to wander aimlessly without realizing she was doing so. She kept her head lowered, and without paying any mind to where she was walking. She ran into a hard barrier. She lifted up her head to tell the person to watch where he was going, only to realize she had run into Drakmor. A million emotions plagued her heart and soul. Regardless, She did her best to appear disinterested in board.  

The End

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