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"Seras!" The old king bellowed, standing from his throne and walking to where Zero stood awkwardly. For such an elderly man, with a long grey beard and balding head, the kind of Garrosh was an immense man, standing nearly a head taller than even Baron did. The robes of gold and red color hid most of his mass, but it wasn't hard to notice the layers of muscle beneath them.

'Is everyone in this kingdom so large?' Drakmor thought to himself. He just scratched his head, realized his hair was nearly down to his shoulders, and watched as the king took his daughter from a very relieved Zero.

"Oh..." the girl muttered, "it's you, Father..." The king looked at her oddly, but smiled and told her she was safe now. The dark haired girl seemed to disagree from the look in her eyes, but Drakmor wouldn't question that. Young love was foolish love.

After the king gave the reluctant princess Seras to a heavily robed man - one Drakmor took for a munich caretaker - he sat back down and stared blankly at Drakmor and Zero.

"Who are you?" He said in a very menacing tone.

"So much for the nice king..." Zero muttered, earning a glare from both Drakmor and the old king. He shrunk down and kicked something invisible on the ground. Drakmor sighed and bowed to the king.

"I am Drakmor Vayr, ex-member of the eastern kingdom's fabled Jackdaw, journeyer across worlds, and captain of Galvenston's army." The king didn't seem impressed, but he DID seem curious.

"The eastern kingdom has forsaken their religion and built on their science to create monstrocities," the King said slowly, "Why would I care about any man associated with them?"

Drakmor was at a loss for words. Every other kingdom around this area had respect for the eastern kingdom's technology. Yet, this kingdom did not. They stuck to religious beliefs and stubborn traditions.

"I am Zero Zalizor," Zero said confidently, "and I am simply a friend of this man. However, I, too, come from a kingdom where religion is first and technology is unneeded." Though he failed to mention that he hadn't been to that 'kingdom' in years. "I understand why you doubt this man, but please, he is an honest man. He actually believes in your religion, whether he will admit it or not."

Drakmor could curse the man, if not for his shock at what Zero had said and how he had said it. The man was being FORMAL for once in his life! Drakmor would have to rethink his pity on Zero for thinking he was truly a kid. No, Zero just wanted to be a kid. Drakmor saw that now.

"Admirably said, young Zero," The king replied, smiling slightly, "I can tell you are not lying, but I am curious as to how this man-" he pointed at Drakmor "-has anything to do with Helios, the Great God of Fire and Health."

Zero looked to Drakmor, causing him to sigh. He really hated it when he was forced to show off his ability. It made him feel horrid. Drakmor took out his knife, causing a few guards to stiffen, and in one fell swoop, sliced his chest wide open.

Silver blood slowly poured out, causing shock from the king and guards. Zero, when he first saw Drakmor's abnormal blood, had been terrified. From the look on his face, he still was uncomfortable. In an instant, flames flickered from inside of Drakmor, slowly spreading along the cut and knitting the skin together. Drakmor twinged with every moment, feeling the skin moving back in to place.

Once the process was complete, Drakmor was left with a white scar on his silver-tinted skin and a ruined shirt. The king was in awe, but Drakmor was annoyed. He would have to make sure no one touched his blood-soaked shirt. After all, wouldn't want anyone to die.

"So..." the king said nervously, "How long have you been able to do this?"

Drakmor shook his head. "It's a gift from my mother."

"I see..."

Zero stepped forward and bowed, once again surprising Drakmor. "We have come to request trade. We have plans to keep it secret, so the Syriona Empire will know. We simply need supplies, your majesty." He followed it up with a deeper bow.

'Maybe he is a prince...' Drakmor thought slowly.

"Hmmm, well we do have an excess of supplies and Galvenston men did save my daughter..." As if on que, the dark haired girl ran out of a door and straight toward Zero, with a couple dozen female maids in tow. She wore a long dress of red and yellow this time, instead of her earlier night robe. 

Zero backed away slightly, but didn't get a chance to run before the princess clung on to him. 

"Seras!" the king bellowed.

Drakmor sighed as the maids pulled her off of him and drug her back to her room. It seemed the king had spoiled his only daughter. Drakmor had come to learn that the man's wife died in childbirth, so it was an easy assumption. Now, though, she would cling to the first man to woo her, which happened to be Zero.

The princess got away from the maids, but this time Zero, using his strange ability, floated up in to the air and away from her reach. The guards and the king were shocked by this.

"How is he..?"

"Is he a...?"

Wow, that's...!"

Drakmor heard more, but ignored them. It seemed he would be late getting back to Sage...

The End

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