Rescue MissionMature

Drakmor walked along the road, Zero, Speedy, and nearly a dozen hand-picked men from Galvenston following behind, while the morning sun painted them in it's orange glow. He had not told the men about the true intention of this mission and didn't plan to. Baron didn't expect him to attack now, but Drakmor needed the surprise for this plan.

After all, the Princess needed to believe Drakmor's group was saving her.

"Are they here yet," Zero whined, "I'm really bored." Drakmor ignored the man. He hated that someone like Zero had more respect than Drakmor, but he was not about to face the boy. No, he dared not be the bug stinging the giant.

In the distance, Drakmor spotted Baron's men, all dressed like Sage's enemies. It was time to head out then. Drakmor stood and looked at his men, who hadn't noticed the 'enemy' forces. 

"Look alive men!" Drakmor shouted, alerting both his own men and Baron's men, "We got trash to deal with!" The men noticed, finally, the enemies and disarray spread through them. Drakmor shouted for their silence. He had not chose them for their fighting prowess, he had chose them because they feared him.

Drakmor pretended to tense up and stared at the now-charging forces. "Looks like they have a little girl hostage," He yelled, making Zero tense up. Of course, Drakmor hadn't told Zero either. It was mainly because he had a soft spot for helping those who were defenseless, but also to see Baron's face when he fought the boy. "Now, let's save-"

"Uh, Drakmor?" Speedy interrupted with a tap on Drakmor's shoulder.

"What?" Drakmor replied without looking back.

"Zero already took off."

Sure enough, Drakmor saw a silver armored figure gliding through the air toward Baron's forces. Drakmor smacked himself in the face. He seriously needed to talk to Zero about that impulsive behavior.

"Alright then," Drakmor yelled, "Attack!" They charged into Baron's men, who were now trying to fend off an unarmed Zero, with little luck. Drakmor thanked Valeria that Zero didn't carry his claws.

The battle went as planned, with Baron's forces admirably losing and retreating. Well, Zero had 'saved' the princess, but Drakmor was still happy it went well.

"How are you?" Drakmor asked the small girl, once she awoke in Zero's arms. Instead of answering, she simply stared at Zero's face, as if awed. Drakmor rolled his eyes and headed to his men, who were wounded but ultimately fine.

"Good job men!" Drakmor yelled. The drained men just ignored him and rested. Drakmor was satisfied, so he let them be and went to check on Speedy, who had followed Baron's forces.


Hours later, Drakmor and his group walked in to the great Castle Garrosh, a symbol in itself for their Sun God; Helios. 

'How ironic,' Drakmor thought, 'I have a piece of their God inside of me.' He chuckled.

Beside him walked Zero who, uncomfortable, held the dark haired princess. Drakmor sighed. In the last few hours all the girl could say was thank you and complement Zero. They couldn't even get a name out of her until Zero had asked, and then she was too awed to say anything. Of all the people to pick for a love interest, why did the princess have to pick Zero?

"Who goes there!?" the large golden armored guard at the castle gate said. He was intimidating and not alone, so Drakmor decided not to chance sarcasm like he wanted to. 

"I am Drakmor Vayr," Drakmor told the man with a deep bow, "and I have come to ask-"

"Princess!!!" The guard yelled, pointing the large spear he held toward Zero. "Give her back, you ingrates!" This was going bad.

"Please!" Speedy yelled, walking toward the guards with arms raised, "Can't you see she is in no harm!" The guards were taken aback. Speedy kept at it though. "We have come requesting trade. On our way, we came face to face with our enemies, the Syrion, who had this woman in custody-" Speedy pointed to the princess, who still stared at Zero "-and so this man, Zero, saved her and we fought them off!"

Speedy finished by pulling out a large sack. "This is the head of their commander!" He tossed it to the startled guards feet. What a dramatic man.

"P-please, c-come this way..." the large man said, signalling someone higher up to open the gate.

Inside, a large hallway spanned a long distance, with golden armored men standing at regular intervals along it. In the distance, Drakmor saw a man atop a large ornate throne. He looked haggard and when Drakmor surged his mercury blood, enhancing all five senses and his muscle usage, he saw the man had the marks of tears not long past.

"Stay here, Drakmor told his men, "Except you, Zero." He held the princess still and Drakmor dared not try to separate them yet. The two men followed the large guard. It was really uncomfortable for Drakmor to be surrounded like this, but he managed to keep his calm. 

As for Zero, he just looked relieved. It was obvious he was glad to be rid of the princess.

Now if they could only make the King an ally.

The End

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