The next morning Baron prepared his men for an espionage on the Eastern kingdom of Garrosh

The oldest man,Lei Shan, was also the most ruthless. Baron feared his enthusiasm for their task would give them away. “Let's go get us a princess dame! Tell me where should we store the body?” He asked eagerly.

Baron spoke slowly to the man. “Shan we are not to harm or disrespect the princess in any way. Vayr will decide what happens to her when we bring her back.”

The old man couldn't help but laugh. Baron shot him a curious look. “Something funny?” he asked in a crisp tone.

Lei- Shan's face broke out into a wide grin, “Tell me are we to show this princess the respect of your nature, or of a normal well mannered man.” The men behind him, broke out into laughter as well.

Baron stiffened, “I'm not sure what you mean,”

Lei Shan elbowed him teasingly. Baron gritted his teeth. “Don't kid us Lord Baron, your late night rendezvous are no secret to us. So tell me who was the dame of your affections last night?”

Baron froze.Sage's name was on the tip of his tongue. Of course he wouldn't disrespect her by saying it out loud. The man was referring to another dame who he had foolishly been with earlier that night. She had practically thrown herself at him, as it was Baron was drunk. He turned his attention back to the rowdy group of men. “Damned if know,” he said, earning himself more hoots and hollers.

Baron began the descent into Garrosh with his army in tow. They had stopped several hours later for a short rest. He didn't want his men to appear to disheveled, as they had roles to play. By the time they had entered the kingdom the sun was starting to set. The lack of daylight would work in their favor. They were acting as castle guards and these men were roughed up with battle scars, the kind that you didn't get from standing guard a castle. As it was, they would have to wait until it was somewhat dark outside before infiltrating the castle.

The men dismounted outside of the palace walls. Baron studied the high wall before him. Over his shoulder hung an anchored rope. He motioned for the men to take out their own ropes. He threw the rope over the great big stoned wall. As expected it anchored onto the other side. Baron gave the rope a tight pull, before using it to pull himself up, and over the barrier. The other men were soon to follow his actions.

Baron landed gracefully on his feet, the others; not so much. Baron threw a seethering look over his shoulder; warning them that if they messed up this task there would be consequences to pay.

He drew his sword, as did the others. The sword wasn't necessary on Baron's part, he had his own agenda, but the others seemed better at following via imitation. Baron concentrated for a moment, until a small glowing orb appeared in his hands. Without warning he threw the orb, which transcended into a large lick of fire as it touched the ground. The other men jumped back.

“Fire!” Baron heard one of the guards bellow from inside. The castle guards raced outside, charging at Baron and his men with their own swords. Baron fought with the largest guard, the sound of clashing metal, drowned out the war cries of his own men. Once Baron had disarmed the large guard he surprised him with fire lore, yet again. While the guard was distracted with the fire that rode up on his trousers, Baron pushed past him and into the castle.

He dashed up the stairs. The royal family and servants all seemed to be soundly sleeping still. He tried several doors, before he came to a large majestic looking bed chamber. Baron eyed the young girl asleep on a wide four poster canopy bed. Her dark hair spilled onto her pillow. Luckily for Baron the girl appeared tiny and frail. He scoped her up like a rag doll in his arms. The girl's eyes opened, they were deep brown, wide and alert.

“Let me down beast!” The girl screamed, flailing her fists about. Baron struggled to contain her, without actually harming her. The girl's fist collided with the side of Baron's head. She wriggled out of his arms. The princess sprinted for the bedroom door, but Baron caught her around the waist. “Alright then, if you won't be cooperative I will have to do things the hard way. Baron, tied the girls wrists together with rope, and paced a swatch of fabric over her mouth, so the sounds of her screams were muffled. He threw her back over his shoulder and raced down the stairs. His men, had easily taken down the palace guards. The bodies were removed, as the men poised in front of the castle door, such as the guards would. Quickly they found their way back to their horses. Awkwardly, Baron set the princess in front of him in the saddle. They rode soundlessly away from the palace.

The End

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