Sage had just managed to quiet Odyous down and store him an in abandoned storage space, before returning to her own Chambers. Her nerves were rattling. She knew stealing Gallia's prophet could have been a grave error, yet she was left with little options. She needed the grimoire of Syria to be decoded fast. That task could wait till the morrow, she hadn't the energy to convince Odyous to do her bidding for her just yet. Fretting, she paced the room, when a slight knock caused her to jump.

“Come in,” she said. Baron entered with a shy smile on his face, it transformed him completely, making him appear more human and less Godlike. “Since when do you knock?” Sage asked.

Baron shrugged his shoulders, “I knew you had been stowing away up here with grief all day,”

Mechanically Sage nodded her head, even though his words didn't own a trace of truth.

Baron offered her a sympathetic look. “I promise I will get you a new mare or gelding. The best horse I can find,”

Sage felt a pang in her chest. Her own sorrow mixed with Baron's eagerness to cheer her up, made her feel weak. She blinked moisture out of her eyes. Of course she didn't want another horse. Nera could not be replaced so quickly or so easily, yet Baron's concern made the gaping hole in her chest shallow some. He crossed the room towards her, his own hand sought hers. His eyes met hers. Sage tried to turn away, but Baron moved his hands to either side of her cheeks. Sage's breath caught in her lungs.

“Listen Siren, I am going away again,”

Sage searched his eyes. Why should he be leaving again? She couldn't even ask. If breathing was hard, talking was impossible. Why was Baron so close? Why wasn't she pushing him away?

“While I'm gone, I want you to think of something,” he whispered, his voice rough and urgent.

Sage managed to nod. She stood there awaiting Baron's answer. It came in the form of a kiss. It started off gentle and cautious, than quickly evolved into one of rigor and angst. Sage was surprised that she wasn't resisting Baron, but kissing him back, soon with a matched eagerness. Her fingers became tangled in his hair. After a minute or so, they broke apart, their breath ragged.

Sage covered her mouth as if it had betrayed her heart.

Baron smiled smugly. “I had been wanting to do that for some time. Sleep well Siren,” he said before disappearing from the room.

The End

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