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Drakmor rode into Galvenston, scaring everyone he saw with his monstrous vehicle. He made his way through the streets, careful not to hit any of the residents, and to the the castle. 

It took only moments to reach the massive structure, mainly because he had Val. He parked the machine and headed toward where Baron resided. Drakmor needed to talk to the man. Sage was too stubborn and nice to agree with Drakmor's idea, but Baron could be budged. So long as Drakmor budged him the right way.

Finally making his way through the maze that was the castle grounds - Drakmor had to ask directions several times - Drakmor made it to Baron's room, only to see another person leaving the room. She was quite the looker, but Drakmor forced himself to stop, lest he remember the awkward situation he was already in with Sage.

'Sage...,' Drakmor thought sadly, 'What is it you see in me?'

"What do you need?" 

Drakmor looked up and noticed Baron standing there, in just trousers, at him. The very sight made Drakmor want to attack, but he refrained himself. 

"I have an idea that might get us some help," Drakmor said, swiping his hands through his medium length silver hair. The only downfall to having Drakmor's body was that his hair grew back quite fast. Drakmor touched his face, realizing a small beard had formed. He really needed to pay more attention. 

And from the looks of Baron's scraggly little beard, he did too.

"What kind of help?" Baron asked suspiciously.

Drakmor smiled. "Well, the princess in the northern kingdom of Garrosh is nearly worshiped. Would be a shame if the enemy took her." Baron gripped his fists, obviously mad. "But," Drakmor continued, "If we were the ones who happened to save her..."

"I never pegged you as that sort of man," Baron replied slowly after a moment.

Drakmor laughed and walked a little ways off. "I would never harm a lady, but I will also not allow another lady to die." He walked a little ways off, nearly out of sight. "What do you think the enemy will do to Sage, should this place fall." With that, Drakmor walked off. From the shuffling behind him, Drakmor knew Baron had heard.

And agreed.

The End

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